The Other Side?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sophiespruill, Aug 31, 2014.

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    All my life I've had contact with the spirit world, not on an everyday basis, more like a weekly basis but it's enough to know that there's something there. With a little more practice, a job to be considered would be a medium.

    But when I'm high I really see these people, conversations happen, and while sober I see shadows but while high I actually see the forms of the people. I can't explain why I see the other side so much better when I'm high, I just do.

    Has anyone else had experiences with the other side while high?

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    EDIT: as most of you seem to believe I'm schizo or crazy af, there is not a single mental illness that's run thru my family & I myself have never been diagnosed or had any doctor believe I have a mental illness. However, my family does have two mediums & we're all very spiritual. But it's whatever.
  2. A. Your a schizophrenic.
    B. Your retarded and I hate you
    C. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1409491191.468032.jpg

    It's all just one big conspiracy
  3. Maybe you should stop smoking. If you're prone to having mental illnesses such as schizophrenia you should lay off drugs. Even marijuana can trigger schizophrenia if you already have it and make it worse. That's just my tip. It is not normal to see things that are not actually there. It sounds like a form of schizophrenia. Sorry but it's better to know sooner then later. I hope the best for you. Good luck
  4. No, but I know people who have.
    I dont think you're crazy, but you shouldn't tell people about it.
    Majority will think your crazy.

    Especially when its something people cant wrap their heads around, its just easier to believe/assume what only comes natural to them.

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    I used to see forms of people, animals, insects n shit, I'd hear people speaking to me, calling my name all sorts of shit like that. Of course this was all related to drug induced psychosis lol. Dem Shadow People.

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