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    i was at a friends house and he asked me to stay the night and that a lot of people would come through and it would be chill. we didnt have any money though so we didnt have any drugs.
    i call one of my homies and tell him to front me like 7-8 x pills for a few days, and he comes by and drops off 7 1/2 green pistols. me and my 2 friends immediately chew em up and swallow em. as were sitting in his living room, i start to sweat and my stomach feels uneasy. i look at my friends and they are sweating hard too, and theyre like, "man i dont feel shit except its hot as hell."
    we decide to walk down the street to this gas station, my friend knows the owner so he gives us a black 'n' mild and 2 packs of cigarettes. we go back sit at the table under a tree in his front yard and people start pulling up. my friend D goes in the house to get us water, and A is just sitting there mumbling about something.

    D comes out and says he called someone and we're gonna be smoking a few blunts in a few minutes. i go inside to wash my face and take a piss, and i look in the mirror, and i see my brother, so i kind of jump and stare really hard and i just see my own reflection. i never saw other peoples faces on someone else before.

    freaked out, i walk outside and tell D and A what happened, and theyre like, "dog youre just tripping, sit down and chill for a lil bit, dont let it get to you." so as im about to sit down, my homeboy C comes through and he shakes my hand and asks me how ive been and where the hell i been hiding. so i let him know that i popped some thizzes and he gives me this look and a big ass smile and he says "EVERY time i see you you're on that shit, calm down with that and smoke some weed." and he pulls out a sack and gives me a rello to break open. as i give him the rello my hand starts to shake a little bit and he notices and looks at me and laughs.

    we sit there, away from everyone else on the steps and talk about nothing. ((before we started hanging out, someone told me this guy didnt like me and wanted to fight me, so when i confronted him about it he said he never said a word about me and i need to let him know who was running it so we can take care of them. i gained a lot of respect for him that day.))

    so when he rolls the blunt up, he offers it to me to light it and hit it first. as i light the blunt, BAM!!!!!! the roll kicked in SO DAMN HARD! i hit the blunt halfway before i drop the lighter and look at him with the 'oh my god' look in my eyes. he busts out laughing and says "did it just kick in or something?" to which i repond "yea" to. we pass the blunt around and talk for a lil bit until some more people pull up and sit down.

    C looks at these people and starts putting his stuff in his pockets like hes abou to leave, to which i respond "you already leaving?? come on maaan i see you once a month and you cant stay longer than 5 minutes." he says to come with him to his car, and when we sat down inside he pulls out a note book and a baggie of coke, and asks if i want a snort, to which i said "i cant do it because coke and x dont mix." he said he understands, snorts a line and stares at a dude and his girl that were at the table, and i ask him if theres anything wrong, and hes like "man i dont like people i dont know, plus im not smoking my blunt with like 5 people i dont even know and they got nothing to put up."
    he drops me a sack in my hand and says to hold it for later when im coming down, so i shake his hand and tell him to take it easy. he leaves and i walk back to the table and the girl my boy was staring at kept staring at me. at first i didnt care and ignored her, until she walks up and asks me if i remember her. i look her in her face and say my homegirls name because she looked exactly like her, and shes like "noooooo, my name is *****" and im like oh, then when i rub my eyes and look at her again, she looked different than the first time i looked at her. at this point i KNEW i was tripping.
    she asks me what im on, and im like X, real fuckin strong X. she looks excited and asks me all about it, to which i explain in great detail.

    her boyfriend calls her name and says its time for them to leave, and she says it was nice to meet me and talk to me. they get in their car and leave, and D and A are looking at me smiling hard as hell asking me if im feeling it. i tell em i see other peoples faces on people, to which they laugh at and say i need some water and to get out of the sun. i sat down at the table and drank some water, when i noticed how thirsty i was. D gives us a cigarette and says he needs some weed. to which i say lets go get some.

    me, D and A all get in my car and drive around the block to go get another rello and roll a blunt while driving through my old neighborhood, while i was staring at all the houses and my memories were running through my mind. D asks me if i need something to calm me down because i was breathing real hard, and i just said "naw, its how i breathe on X, it feels so good to inhale." =D

    we roll back to the house and the X is just getting more intense by the second. i let D light the blunt, and listen to A mumbling over there to himself. D notices and starts laughing and says A lost his damn mind. we smoke the blunt and go in the house to chill for a little bit, and i sit down right by the A/C vent, which felt so refreshing. D asks me what im thinking about, i reply with "i found my real friends." he shakes my hand and says "thats my dog."

    we decide to call up some girls and see if they wanted to come over, and they all said to go to their house, which we didnt want to do simply because their parents would freak out if they saw us, sweating and big ass pupils. we decide to go pick up this girl S, and on the way over there A asks to be dropped off because he wasnt feeling to good.

    we go to pick up S, and she gets in the car and she says she feels something is different about us. me and D just kept laughing and saying nothings different about us at all. she starts asking me about where ive been in the last year or so, and she missed me a lot and all this other shit. we get back to D's house and post up in the yard again with my car parked right next to us playing music. by now it was dark and my roll seemed smoothed out and not as hard. she finally asks whens the last time ive been on X, and me and D say "right now" at the same time, and she just gives us this look and starts laughing then gets on us for not saving any for her.

    we go inside the house to go in the basement for a little bit, and as soon as we got down there she saw all of D's dad's liquor bottles and said she wanted to drink. we told her we weren't sure if we should, in case she does anything with us we dont want to be blamed for for getting her drunk. she kept insisiting so D brings like 4 wine/champagne bottles and 3 cups. im like a"re you serious? wine??" and we all start laughing. we fill all our cups and start drinking, and talking about guess what? sex.
    S starts talking about her titties and im like well fuck show em to me, and she just pulls her shirt up and im like oh god damn. D grabs a tittie and i grab a tittie and start using big words to describe how they feel, each word getting crazier/sillier than the last. we finish the cups and pour more in, till all 4 bottles are gone. im feeling a little buzz, and its accenting the X real nicely. i look at D because i was about to say something, but stopped because i saw my friend B's face on his face, and i told him what i saw. D was like "dont you ever compare me to B again fool," and laughs. S looks at me and says she used to go out with B and she can see how D and B kind of look alike. she didnt get what i was saying though, i saw B's whole head on D's body, not just similarities.

    i notice that she started looking different, like i could stare at her face and it would constantly look different, and i said that i was seeing faces again and they were like "man youre hallucinating like crazy." S gets up to go get another liquor bottle and i tell her to hold off because it hasnt kicked in all the way yet. we go to walk outside and im like 3 feet behind S and im just staring at her amazing ass, just saying "good god, thats the juiciest ass i EVER seen." she turns around and gives me this smile and im like "do you want to fuck?" an she replies with "thats a possibility." D looks at me with the biggest surprise face i ever seen. he says "damn g, you never act like this towards a girl you dont know," and i reply "i never thizzed so fucking hard in my life."

    S slows down and i knew what she wanted me to do, so i get right up on her and wrap my arms around her and start whispering things in her ear, and i knew she liked what she was hearing cause she got hot and told me to stop before she rapes me. MAN i NEVER ROLLED SO FUCKING HARD! i just looked at D and hes like " HELL yea boy thats what im talking bout." then D asks her if she ever had a 3some and she says she doesent like taking anything up the ass, so i said "you have a mouth." and shes like "yea i never thought about it that way." we get back in the house and im just ready to drill the fuck out of her, then realize we dont have any condoms. i said ima go jack some from the pharmacy down the street. i come back with 2 rubbers and said i wanted to go first lol cause im not off 3somes with 2 dudes 1 girl.

    me and S go downstairs while D lays down on the porch and listens to some music. i pull all my clothes off in .3 seconds, where S just had time to take her shirt off. i loosened her belt and pulled her pants and panties off in one swing and shes like "damn you dont waste no time!" i put the rubber on, and i throw her on top of the bed and i jump on top of her and push in. she opens her eyes wide and goes "oh MY GOD!" as soon as i start pumping, i was hitting it at like 120mph, i was like a madman. she says to slow down cause im sweating enough to fill a swimming pool, so i pull out and jump off her and go get a fan. put it right next to us and tried to get my dick back up, with the greatest difficulty. finally i get it like halfway hard and penetrate that lil pink pussy, and she looks at me and goes "i love you." which seriously fucking ruined it. i just stopped and looked at her and said "what?" and she turned red and goes "im sorry, i just meant to say i really like you." im like "yea im feelin you too but damn this aint the right time for emotional bonding, we dont even know each other for real, we're just fucking, i dont want to mislead you or anything, i dont want a girlfriend right now."

    at that point she dried out and i saw tears well up in her eyes. and it made my roll diminish, and im like "damn im sorry i just want to be dead honest." and i pulled out and i could tell it kinda hurt her cause she was bone dry. i just laid there and tried to comfort her and she just kept fucking crying and crying saying its her fault and she ruined our night. said she should have just shut the fuck up and let us do what we were doing. at this point i felt real bad, so i put my draws and pants back on, and told her to get dressed, we could go do something else and have fun. and she looks at me and asks me if im mad at her and i tell her no, it isnt the first time something like this happened to me.
    she gives me a kiss and and asks me what i wanna do. i tell her to go get D and tell him plans changed and were gonna go listen to some music again. D asks what happened and we just tell him that shes feeling cramps and we had to stop. we hop in my car and ride around for a little while (4:30am), D asks me to let him drive, so i let him get behind the wheel, and S tells me to sit in the back with her.

    she tells me she wants me to get a hotel room with her sometime in the near future so she can make it up to me, and i give her this look, and she kisses me and says i better do it. so im smiling real hard and D sees me in the rearview and winks at me. we go to our friend DJ's house and smoke some more and play pool. DJ asks us if we were coming down from the X and then gives us 2 pills. i offered my pill to S and she said it was too late for her to take it and i would need it more than her anyways. D pops his, and i break mine up and snort half of it, and i tell D to snort the other half. D told me to snort it all, but i insisted so he railed the rest of it.
    its 6:45am and S needed to go home to get some sleep before school, so we tell DJ to swing by D's house in about a hour. when we get to S's house, she gives D a hug, and gives me a hug and a big kiss and says she really wants to spend a lot more time with me, even if we're just gonna stay friends. we give each other our phone numbers and she hugs me one more time and says to give her a call when i wake up. then she walks into her house and we get in the car and drive off. D looks at me and goes "***** THATS MY BOY!! I NEVER SEEN HER OFF SOMEONES NUTS SO FUCKIN MUCH!!" obviously the x pill was in his system because he was acting weird but it was funny and i didnt care.
    we get back to his house and he pulls out 2 bottles of makers mark and says we better drink both before i go home and he goes to work, and i tell him he's fucking crazy. he goes and gets 2 cups and fills em to the top with makers, and toasts me. he tells me that im his best friend and he got me on whatever i need. DJ pops up out of nowhere and asks for a cup, i told him just to drink mine cause i was about to drive again and wasnt about to be shitfaced for a 40 mile drive. D got drunk and started beign incoherent and started kicking his legs out a lot to the music. then he decides to call in for the 3rd day in a row and his manager says he better show up. he then says he wants me to take him to work, wait 20 minutes and then call his job and say that his auntie died. me and DJ told him he better take his ass to work.

    at like 11am we get ready to set out, then D calls in and says hes gonna run late. he wants to go to DJ's house and drink some more LOL. i tell em to be easy and for D to call me when he wakes up after work. 'twas a crazy night.

    oh and i popped like 3 adderalls before i typed this story so thats why it has a lot of detail in it.
  2. Jesus fucking christ, that was a loooooong post.
  3. holy shit man,that was a pretty long post.Glad you had alittle fun,and had sex with a girl,that LOVES you.HAHAHA
  4. Lol wtf was i thinking when i typed all that?!?
  5. And I read it allllll, that was intense, but that one girl seems pretty tight. I got lost in all the names, but you should definately keep her close.
  6. im def. keeping it in mind
  7. Nice story!
    Very big one ahahhaa.
    Read all of it, great details.
    + REP

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