The origin of tolerance?

Discussion in 'General' started by Faded Spinner, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. Well where does tolerance stem from? Is it a mental thing or is it a physical thing? I think when someone has a high amount of tolerance, it just mean's that their brain is already used to the fact of being high to some degree. I don't know if there is any correlation between blood saturationg and toelrance. Can someone clear this up?
  2. It's a mental thing, dependant upon situation...just keep tokin and don't give it another
  3. Amen to that. Fuck the tolerance!!! Blaze it up and never think twice!
  4. It's a physical thing, and I don't just mean smoke!

    (Sorry to go against the flow, it's just I feel most alive standing face on into the wind)

    If you eat a banannas twice a week they will do wonders for your feeling of well being.
    On the other hand if you eat twenty banannas a day your in deep shit!

    When was the last time you actually felt really stoned?
    Can't remember?
    Then take a week off, or maybe two.
    You be glad you did

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