the optimising light poll and discussion thread.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Digit, Oct 4, 2003.


for lighting reflectors and the walls... which do you think is most eficient?

  1. flat white paint.

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  2. .flat white paint

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  3. or flat white paint

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  4. i find this poll to be rigged and choose not to vote

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  1. light is one of the primary concerns when growing, and whether you have a 20 watt flouresant or a 2x 1000 hps and MH for veg setup, its a good idea to try to maximise the light you have.

    i've kept the poll simple. you can get down to the specifics in your replies. i'll be interested in hearing what you experts reccomend.
  2. well, i'd say flat white for the walls, and flat high temp white for the hood, unless you can find polished, dimpled sheeting, cause all the dimples weill create an even light distribution...... anyone knows a cheap place to get this let me know, cause i'll get tons:D
  3. FLAT WHITE....................p.s. l changed your vote to flat white Hippie john :D.
  4. *scratches head*

    i don't remember putting three options.
  5. Thats because you left out flat white which is the only thing to use .The rest are just plain not as good .So l had no choice but to include it :D.
  6. the poll should really only have one option:D

  7. critter.... can you make it so?

    and give the appropriate number of votes in there too.
  8. but everyone is entitled to their opinion. even though their wrong!

    kidding, it is only my opinion......
  9. a bit moe in depth on light i think optimising light has allot more to do then the color of your walls. shaping you rhood to teh right shape spreads ou the light so the plants are more evenly lit across the area. Optimaly you should have mylar or something like as a reflector and on the walls but i dont think that it will make that much of a diffrence yeild wise.
  10. yup, the more curvyness a hod has the better light distribution you will get...... like a flat reflectoor compared to a parabola (with the light still held hor.) to get the light to reflect in a more abstract pattern, rather than on 3 or 4 parts of the garden
  11. also optimalu you would want to fill and darius all the corners so light isnt caught in the corners. Or you can put some trim in there if you can find come convex trim.

    mylar IS a better reflector, its juts flat white paint is free to me and i have buckets full of it in my basment and mylar isnt free.
  12. thats what i meant by curvyness, to have no hard corners...... and another draw back to mylar is that its a bitch to work with, clean, install, and expensive......

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