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the opium poppy? whos an opium guru

Discussion in 'General' started by crackraider420, May 30, 2008.

  1. well i am currently embarking on the (what seems to be so far) long road of planning an opium harvest and then making it a reality. i really have no limits as to what i can and cannot accomodate.

    first some questions:

    does anyone know if every poppy is an opium poppy? are there different varieties? are the strains related to that of weed where various strains contain different potencies?

    Would it be better to cultivate outdoors or indoors?

    How many harvests can one have in one year with one garden?

    Should i creat 3, and start them all at varying times to constantly be collecting opium resin?

    are there ways to purify the opium into a stronger substance (heroin, morhpine etc)

    i know that opium is usually around 10% morphine so...just wondering if anyone knows

    any other thoughts PLEASE ADD THEM I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET:smoking:
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    go to the store an organic food market store or somthing this is what i just did this year and got a wicked harvest, ok look for poppy seeds that say paperver somniferum they are whites with yellow dusty centers and lil tinge of purple on each petal any seeds you buy in a bag will all be the same. they arnt the best tho as you get random phenotypes but here is what you have to do: plant them in loamy soil or dig up a patch of dirt about 4 square meters and put in alot of peat mixed with pealite it works good. and there you will have a harvest garenteed its nothing like growing weed its super easy.

    ok so when you see the petals falling off you want to put stakes in the ground and a plastic matt around the entire grow like a lil ghetto greenhouse this is because they like it dry for maximum yeild and unless you have a weathercontrol device like the chinese you wont beable to decide when it rains so put this cover on em

    harvesting: ok this is the testy part you need a good feel for the poppy and how deep your cutting use a standard boxcutter and gently glide it across the sides of the pod after the petals have fallen off and been off for atleast 5-10 days and you gently lance the sides of the poppy not to cut too deep or opium will leak into the pod make 3 cuts one on top of the other and spin the poppy around in your fingers and do that 3 times. so you end up with 3 sets of cuts all around the pod in stacks of 3 if that makes sense basicly lance all around the pod. leave it for 6-12 hours and come back with the same razor and hold the blade still while you handle the pod and scrape the opium off collect it in a jar and smoke. you can lance the pods one a day for about 20 days before they stop producing. so thats alot of work man lol you better really want that smoke of O lol. but then you keep all the dried pods and stems called poppy straw and let it dry out then crumble it into powder mix with 99% iso (ether ,any ether solution works better but iso will do ok and is more availble) its just like hash put it through coffee filters and itll dry up on a plate on top of the kitchen burner make sure its on low power tho opium is easier to burn then weed for some reason :/ but ya there ya go thats opium really simple i mastered it in under 2 months im still trying to master weed lol so ya moma opium is kind and goes easy on ya (until ya get additced lol) if you do get addicted tho the withdrawls last about a week and can be pretty bad. theres only one drug ive found works to kill all the pain and does not make them last longer that drug is tramadol get some i got 200 pills just incase ya know?

    when i said plastic matt thats not a good word i meant like a clear plastic sheet over the top of the grow, just wanted to edit that its very important in order to get a high yield

    o and your question about turning it into morphine dont you get such little returns for all that hard work lancing your better off with whats called cooked opium and when you make the opium hash somtimes you end up with cooked opium by acident lol. but yea cooked opium is about 50% stronger then none cooked the differnce is your removing all the impurities theres alot of this weird inert grey waxy stuff in it and ants and mites/other bugs lol but yea if you want morphine or smack better off buying it from a dealer you build trust with and then just refining it (to purify heroin you need hydrochloric acid, ammonia and baking soda and a test tube its weird but go to erowid for all your answers thats where i learned it all from.

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