The Only Thing I Smoke

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  2. Bro really? Like 7 times
  3. dude... for the eighth fucking time, you're a terrible rapper, stop spamming this shit
  4. Right? He was already told off in two threads.
  5. You guys really wanna be like me if your hating on EVERY post I DO your class act haters
  6. Because there is ONE thread for music, nobody wants that trash in every post.
  7. Omg that was boo boo. Please stop sir..
  8. Motherfuckin swag. Fuck a 'lectricity bill, who needs lights when you got lighters
  9. WTF is up with you posting your wanna be rap star bullshit over and over with different thread titles?
  10. Lol it was so funny this morning, he cursed me out for a few hours straight for asking the same thing, but now he is banned :)
  11. lol it's not a freestyle if you're reading it off a fucking piece of paper
  12. lmao the fuck did I just listen too homie..
  13. Reading the comment fights was pretty hilarious. You just call anyone who doesn't like it a hater and say how hard you are for smoking weed. I hate how the "fuck the haters" thing came out, it gave people the idea that anyone who doesn't like there music is just jealous. Not a single person in this thread likes it so far yet to you they're just "haters." Also smoking weed doesn't make you a "gangsta" or anything, half the country has tried it at some point in their lives.
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    I thought maybe people were being a little too harsh on you bro. In all seriousness though just no.. No no no no no. No. There is no way in fuck you could have played that back and actually thought it was good or even descent. Im not rascist but black people are seriously going to destroy hip hop soon. This is worse than turning on my radio. Work on your flow because you have absolutely none. Work ln your rhymes, they're unintelligent kindergarden rhymes, and for the love of fuck dont post that anywhere else on this site. A lot of people on here are high, quit trying to kill their buzz.
    What this motherfucker said...

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