the only reason it's illegal

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  1. i love it i smoke it if i could id marry it the only reason why the world thinks it's bad is because humans in this world are slaves we have to make money in order to survive when we should be able to live our life in peace and just be happy we have to work to build the governments world thru a piece of paper that decides what type of life you will have freedom's not free unless you want to be homeless and marijuana makes you extremely smart to see the greater truth to see how shit really works and the government doesn't want to make it legal because of this people might see how fucked up the system is and start to go against it i mean it takes out all the negitive in life and fills it with positive heightens your senses making food and drinks taste amazing cures bordom makes your hearing better increases concentration helps with sleep and eating disorders increase the quality of life by ten fold and shows your how beautiful this world is not to mention pretty much cures depression and anxiety and just makes the world an awesome place to live in and they did 5 new studys that proved that marijuana increases neurons and the receptors (the thing that makes you feel pleasure } and made them healthier and continued to after the high was gone not to mention increased brain cell production and even made new ones now with all this WHY THE FUCK IS IT STILL ILLEGAL its a miracle that such a thing exists and were being denied our god given right to set a plant on fire somebody please tell me why our government is so fucked up and why does this wonderful plant get you sent to jail and prison for trying to be happy in life toke on and fuck the government:smoke:
  2. :smoke::smoke:damn dude this is what i have been thinking whenever im stoned u litterally said what i was to lazy to type lol this is the fuckin truth our gov is fucked up and its sad because its so corrupt and shit sorry im high but yeah fuck the govv
  3. Spoken like a true pothead...Uncle Sam needs more of this on capitol hill...LOL ;)
  4. thanks but you guys dident exactly answer my question XD
  5. Because our leaders are handsomely bribed by pharmaceutical companies, oil and timber companies, alcohol and tobacco companies, and the private prison industry. If marijuana were legalized all these people would take a pretty big hit to the wallet methinks.

    Whether peoples intentions are originally good or not they just can't seem to handle money and power.
  6. I'm all for the legalization of my favorite thing in the world .... BUT, let's be realistic.

    Think about all the people in prison right now because of marijuana convictions. All of a sudden it's 100% legal. These people (many of them hardened by prison, and would become threats to our society) are either released because it is determined they no longer committed a crime, or they stay in prison and riot because now people are freely doing what they got put in jail for.

    Another thing is officers can't give "THC-breathalyzers" to people they think are high while operating their motor vehicles. If weed is to become legal, someone will have to invent a way to make this possible. I feel fine when driving high, but to the outsider it seems crazy to allow people to drive while stoned.
  7. Holy wall of text. I totally agree with what you're saying, but you need to invest in some punctuation.
  8. If you are feeling conspiratorial, I can indulge that, too.

    If the people of the united States began to openly and freely smoke a plant which causes them to think differently, be skeptical toward their government (an essential part of a functional Republic), value their personal freedom (a major roadblock for big government), and live in a reality not governed by the accumulation of money, power, and privacy (I contend that this is both a major value and great enemy of the community), but instead live in a reality governed by life, liberty, and happiness, what would that mean for your average politician's job?

    Well, they would be replaced by valuers of freedom and service. They would be responsible for all of the blood, ignorance, and hate that they and their families have sown for hundreds of years. They would be trapped in a world where their values and skills are irrelevant, worthless. They are living forever in a high school popularity contest, and they can't suffer a less superfluous world.

    In short, politicians don't get the mindset and lifestyle that our beloved plant brings to the table. Like many others, they fear what they don't know and reject it.

    That, and travilanche's "pharmaceutical companies, oil and timber companies, alcohol and tobacco companies, and the private prison industry."
  9. Its illegal because the people in power making money off it being illegal don't want it legal.
  10. how can we make it legal

  11. Well if they do release all the people who were imprisoned just for marijuana related stuff, I don't think that all of them will be threats to our society. If someone does commit a crime after being released they should go back to prison. It is unfair because the only reason they became criminals in prison is because of one of the stupidest laws in the world.

    And if someone does make a THC breathalyzer it should find out if someone is impaired not look for THC in their body. If they only check for THC then someone can get a dui even if they smoked over 2 weeks ago and aren't even high.
  12. they use saliva instead of ur breath for weed.
  13. Don't worry if Obama has his way you'll get pulled over and arrested for a blunt you smoked a month ago :D Great Stuff Barry, hope that Golf game has been getting sharp over the past few weekends with Mr. Biden!

  14. Possibly the longest run-on sentence in history! :D
  15. there is more money in pills and tobacco/alcohol since people can't really just do it themselves. plus pharm companies cannot file a patent for marijuana since it is just an herb, the companies get rich through owning the rights to medicines which cannot be copied and are hard to make to justify the price. marijuana replaces a lot of medications for some people which cuts into the profits of the pharm industry. alcohol and tobacco companies simply don't want another drug to compete with, especially one that is better feeling for a lot of people and better for you. cigarettes would stop selling due to people starting to smoke joints over cigs since it is the logical thing to do. the short answer is basically greed and sometimes ignorance from people seeing young irresponsible people as the average marijuana users. what they don't realize is that successful people do it too the only difference is that they hide it due to the threats of losing their jobs and possibly children!
  16. Once governments realize the amount of money they can make from it, it will be legal. Until then, wait.
  17. yup its already becoming legal in cali in november
  18. it won't be legal until the MMJ wave hits 3/4's of the nation. states rights can and will force a federal response...hopefully it'll be in the right (left) direction.
  19. It was made illegal because of....

    1. Rascism


    2. People in the timber business were greedy.

  20. Once MJ becomes a legal weed alot of the pharmaceutical companys will lose massive amounts of money due to people no longer buying their pills and medicine. They are against the legalization.

    However once the US Government can figure a way to tax the MJ they will step into the program and make it legal

    The US Government spent massive amounts of money during the prohibition to stop alcohol and found out it would have to spend less chaseing illegal made whisky and make more taxing it.

    The whisky made these days by legal ways is taxed and the illegal making has slowed down to a crawl but does still exhist.

    If the law was passed today making MJ legal then all the people that has been sentanced to jail would still have to remain there due to they was sentanced when the law stated it was illegal.

    If you got a speeding ticket yesterday when the speed limit was 35 and today they changed the limit to 55 you would still be held accountable for that offense as it happened prior to the change.

    Just because President Obama told the DEA not to spend time in legal states does not stop them from going after people who still operate outside the state legalization laws.

    One way to get the laws changed is by voteing people into office that will support and change the law. Those that are currently in office that dont want to make changes can be voted out of office too :)

    Just my 2 cents on the Million Dollar Question

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