The only negative about weed-

Discussion in 'General' started by Synned, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I feel like I'm cheating life :D.

    And I don't mean in a bad way. I just feel guilty because weed is like entering a cheat code in the real world, and just making everything fucking awesome.

  2. The only negative thing about weed, is running out of weed.
  3. or when you get a splinter but your eyes are so hazy you can't get it out :rolleyes: :eek: :smoking:
  4. that it stays in your system for so long.
  5. it cost a good amount of money
  6. You forget shit.
  7. Off topic, I stepped on a big piece of glass last night barefoot, while I was stoned.

    It shattered underneath my foot and cut me, but as far as I can tell no glass was left in.

    I hope not anyway, it hasn't hurt to walk on it today.

    But yeah, I'm high.
  8. I stepped on a picture frame while I was drunk once. Cut a gash in my toe, I didn't feel it because I was drunk. So I sat there the rest of the party with my toe bandaged up. Went to someones house to sleep and the alcohol started wearing off and my god it hurt so bad. Had to sober up drive home and have my parents get me to the emergency room for some stitches. Fun night. :rolleyes: haha
  9. Dude, I definitely thought of the same exact thing yesterday. I was writing about it:

    "If you try to walk off the path and into the jungle, sobriety makes it so its an area of the 'video game' that you can not simply bump into it. But being high makes it so you have found a cheat to 'unlock' the game and explore the beautiful jungle; that is what life is made of."
  10. It's illegal

  11. haha that reminds me one time I was drunk and barefoot and I stepped on a shotglass and it broke haha
  12. Yeah, I spend more money on bud than I do on my cell phone bill. :smoking:

    Hopefully for not much longer, but one can only wish.

    I also hate the following morning cough. If I smoke a joint or a blunt, the following morning I always have some cough. Oh well, it's always worth it. :D
  13. inhaling all that smoke cant be good for your lungs too.. but if you vape then your ok i guess..
  14. It costs a lot and illegal....and there is propaganda against it. But yea its pretty awesome smoked some a bit ago in fact.
  15. The worst thing about weed is all the girls ive lost because of it.

    Oh well at least weed isnt a bitch.
  16. hehe ya i think all drugs are cheat codes

  17. Weed is a bitch and thats why they leave us...
  18. Get them to smoke with you. You won't be disappointed with the results. :D

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