The only available supersoil recipe around, what do you think ?

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  1. Hello everyone !
    I'm planning to go organic soon and this will be my first time ever growing a plant :love-mj2:. I've had enough of being that passive smoker and I said to myself it's time to take it to the next level. Unfortunately,one of the problems that I encounter, at least for the moment, is the soil. Now I need to mention that I live outside US and not even in a country where cultivation is abundant neither. But so far I managed to get this mix of organic fertilizers that I want to share with you seeking tuning and advice. Here's how it is labeled (translated):

    "The mix is completely organic fertilizers 2-5-3
    This is the best bioorganic fertilizer at this time. It contains Guanokalong Guano-mixture and a special soil mix, and contains a GK-Organics fertilizer from sea plants, the ashes of tropical palms, cotton seed meal, fish meal, and volcanic ash. A unique blend of organic fertilizers give your plants all the necessary elements, including micro.
    We also recommend that you use the following scheme to 10 liters of soil
    • 2 buffer tablets as a source of calcium
    • 200-300 g of vermicompost
    • use of mycorhizza and benificial bacteria to improve the development of the root system
    • Perlite 30% porosity for improved land"
    What do you think of it overall ? Do you think that all this mixed together would be enough to sustain the plant from seeds to harvest (as with Subcool's supersoil) ?
  2. Find compost. You need compost.

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  3. I thought that Vermicompost and compost are the same thing ?!

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  4. if that is bagged soil from a store (sounds like it) it will most likely not carry you from seed to harvest. you will need to amend it with things like kelp meal, neem meal. or better yet make your own soil by mixing peat compost and aeration according to the recipe in this thread (which is way better then subkools)
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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  5. Thx for the response. Well I don't know what do you mean by soil, if you mean the basic soil, then I still need to buy it seperately and mix it with this bag fo organic fertilizers which is, in fact, commercia-bagged mix of fertilizers only (without the basic soil)
  6. if that is just a mix of amendments then yes you would need to mix it with a base soil. weather you buy or make it yourself you will probably need to add a good quality compost to it.
    do you have access to any of the following items?
    peat moss
    quality compost
    kelp meal
    neem meal
    crab meal/crustation meal
  7. Yes and no, actually the base soil that I'm planning to mix with said to be rich in "bio-organic compost and peat moss" do I need to add extra of them as well ?
    when It comes to the items: I have access to bio-organic humus, is it the same as quality compost ?
    I have also access to gypsum as well !
    Sorry if I'm confusing you guys, my mind is buzzed with the new jargon and it seems that a lot of items names are used intercheangebly in other countries than the US.
  8. bio organic humus is compost, weather its quality or not i couldn't tell you. try to find out what the company that makes it uses to make this humus/compost. you don't want anything that is made from bio-sludge aka sewer waste...where are you from? maybe someone here is from your country and can help you source materials.
  9. Well I will enquire more about what is made from, but anyway I don't think there's russians around :D

    Anyway thanks mate, your posts were really helful, at least I knew that I was not really far from the good thing ! Cause at first I didn't know if were close to I what it is supposed to be or completely out, it seems that it just needs a little tuning and it will work fine peace bro :thankyou:
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  10. (cotton seed meal,) This right here disqualifies it .. Cotton is the most heavily pesticide sprayed crop on the planet since it's not a food they can just spray the holy hell out of it and no way would I have any fraction of my soil mix containing any part of the cotton plant.. Nope.. No way.. Not gonna happen.. Return it and get your money back.. Then write the company and ask them WTH they think they are selling ?? It sure as hell is NOT organic in my opinion..
    The grade of soil we will build is so superior to anything your likely to find in a bag as to be worlds apart.. Soil companies use the lowest, cheapest base materials they can and a tea spoon of each amendment meets labeling requirements.. We'll use a whole cup of each amendment not an eyedroppers worth..
    Ignore subcools spikes and layer bullshit as it's just that.. Crap..
    Peat moss
    This will be the hard one to find good quality.. Don't just buy the first bag stamped compost.. 99.99% of it is going to be shit.. Ground up trees are mulch not compost but time and time again I ripped open a bag in the store and pulled out a big handful of chopped up trees.. That is NOT compost..
    Beware of most city compost offerings as well.. Same problem.. It's mostly tree heart wood or containing so much as to be useless.. All that core wood acts like a giant Nitrogen sink and it will suck the life out of any soil you try and build with it.. You'd need to mix it 50-50 with chicken manure and let it cook for a month or more and then it'll be dead thermo compost and while that's not the worst start it won't have a very big or wide microbe base at first..
    After much searching I found at Home Depot of all places a product that was of usable quality.. Ecoscraps.. Rip open any bag of material before buying.. Good compost is dark, of even consistency with no wood and it should have a rich smell like freshly turned garden soil.. Dry bags of wood chips will not grow good cannabis..

    If you have a hardwood forest near you can use the bottom most layer of duff under a maple is some of the best field compost you can find.. A few of our growers are lucky enough to have good leaf mold at hand..
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
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    No-Till Gardening
    The original no-till thread..
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