"The oneliner"

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by SiN-Drome, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. alright so ill start it off, we keep the story going but using only one line at a time

    "way better than 3 words"

    ok here it go's

    Cheach and Chong walk into the 7-11 to buy a big gulp
  2. Cheach is like "i got an idea man!"
  3. so they went out to the car to smoke down on a big fattie
  4. a letter and on the front it has a presadent seal and looks to be from george w.
  5. it reads: "Marajuana is bad, and it will make you go to hell, you sinner."
  6. "hey man lets go to the whitehouse and tell them how great pot is"
  7. SO they rolled a fat cronic blunt for good old bushy and drove it to the white house to deliver it to him personally...
  8. and then cheech woke up from his dream, realizing that the gay sex NEVER happened...
  9. eyes still shutt, he searches for that special morin'joint he rolls every evening, .
  10. horrified,
    he opens his eyes to find chongs pot eatin jack russel terrier finishing off the last of his oh so tasty oz.
  11. got on the computer to chek out whats going on in grasscity and hook SiN-Drome up with a few bongs "im not gunna turn ya in" just then the dog started to poo!
  12. Chong: "fuck the dog has the shits what am i gunna do now?"
    the bamboo papper is all matted down in the carpet
  13. "whats that?" a big cloud of smoke started shooting from the joint and started to form a....
  14. so chong started to jerk off while smoking the joint just then the cherry falls off and sets his pubes on fire
  15. lol....somone had some corn with there dinner last night
  16. as the fire was put out little festering blisters appeared on his jewels
  17. long and hard fishing rod cause they new the big fishing trip was tomarrow
  18. so zonedude grabs chongs big hard rod
  19. watch that 3rd gear its a tricky one
  20. cheech walks in nand says lets go to canada !

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