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  1. I am the messenger of God. I have come forth to expose the lies and reveal the truth about our God the one and only, the most gracious, the most merciful. All praise is due to God alone.

    If you have turned your back on god, if your thinking about turning away from God or if your not sure where you stand I'm here to show you the straight path, any and every question regarding religion I am here to answer and clarify, God willing of course.

    I will make more posts detailing the truth and lies this is merely for discussion, I'm glad to be a part of this community I love you all my bros and sisters.
  2. :judge:
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  3. This is a weed forum, I'm sure it's pretty much against most religions to smoke weed
  4. Proof? God made all seed bearing plants, the prophets where anointed with cannabis oil.
  5. What religion are you
  6. I'm a jew, Christian, Muslim all rolled into one man.

    Every religion on earth is telling the same story but they are not worshipping our true god, they worship false gods known as the fallen angels, Hinduism and mythology are talking about the same beings, Ying and yang is God separating the light from the darkness. I can go on and on brother, Jesus never claimed divinity he was a prophet of God.
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  7. Ancient aliens

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  8. W
    Whats the religion called, did you invent it, it sounds interesting
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  9. Maybe, or maybe it's fallen angels posing as reptilians aliens?

    One thing we have to remember is that the fallen angels are different from us and have been around way longer than we have. They are smarter and they can see us and we can't see them, they are essentially extra dimensional beings. They pose as angels of light that could also explain UFO phenomena
  10. I hate to burst your bubble, but... no... organized religions are scams. One dude saying he's the son of God with a handful of followers. They all start out as cults. If you want to worship something on your own, go for it. But don't start a hierarchical system where you extort your followers with threats of hell and asking for their money. EVERY single religion claims that all other gods are false. That should tell you something. We're beyond that now. Thousands of years ago people didn't understand why people got sick. They didn't understand why their crops failed. They didn't understand comets, asteroids, or natural disasters. They needed some explanation as to why the world worked the way it did. Gods were created to explain the natural world around them. But now we know. We know all of that. We don't need these mythical beings to explain why it rains or why people get sick and die. Just my two cents, but... as a species, we're above religion in my opinion.
  11. I understand where you are coming from, I walked down that path as well.

    Throughout history God has sent messengers to talk about himself so that we may be aware of his presence, the message was always there is only one God and none other than him.

    The Egyptians received this message and instead started worshipping the sun which is not good since our God is a jealous God for he created everything and gave us the gift of life,

    for we were dead and he gave us life and as proof he will cause us to die and again he will bring us to life only to judge our good deeds from the bad and we will get our reward accordingly.

    We as humans corrupted ourselves and our religion, we must look at all the information with open eyes, open minds, and open hearts.
  12. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, God created the angels made from light and they are gods slaves, they do our gods bidding and have no free will, for they cannot defy God in any way shape or form.

    God also created the jinn, made from fire, we know them as the demons, fallen angels and so on they are the first of the creation with free will. Lucifer is of this race

    In the beginning the jinn inherited the earth and multiplied upon it, they turned their backs on God and made all the mistakes that we are making today.

    At that time Lucifer aka the devil was gods right hand man, second in command in a sense and he also played all the music in heaven. God would send lucifer to and fro doing gods bidding as he was moving up in rank.

    Until one day when judgement was to befall upon the face of the earth and all the jinn where to be wiped out for their sins,

    God sent Lucifer forth with the angels to slay the jinn on the face of the earth, but God reminded Lucifer that he and the angels where not the same, essentially they where different races and only the jinn had free will.

    Once all the jinn where slayed, God said the earth shall have a new ruler and he will dominate the world, something grew inside Lucifer's heart since he was gods right hand man and he did so much for god, he felt that he was going to inherit the earth it was his time to rule and something wicked grew in his heart and God saw this.

    So God created man to rule the earth, this was Lucifer's first test of faith which he failed, jealousy and pride arose deep from Lucifer's heart and he hated man stated he was better than man since adam was made from soil and Lucifer was made from fire, essentially Lucifer is the first racist and he hates us.
  13. Hey God, how they hanging?

    Propagandist for Propaganda
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  14. Oh Great. Another roleplayer.....
    What the fuck is up with grasscity and all these rp people all the sudden?

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  15. Why would "god" create another race(?) if his first experiment turned out so terribly that he had to destroy them all?
    If Lucifer was of a race that didn't have free will, how could he turn against "god"?
    Furthermore, if he already had his loyal angels, why would he need to create more beings to give him praise?

    Fuck outta here dude.
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  16. We were used as a trial for Lucifer, and now Lucifer is a trial for us,

    Lucifers race has free will. Learn how to read
  17. I am gods son, they are hanging pretty great how about yourself?
  18. We are the light, here to shine on the darkness sorry for waking you up
  19. To the left, always to the left.

    Tell Elvis i said hi.

    Propagandist for Propaganda
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