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  1. One of the 'lessons' that I've learned in Life is that everyone... and that's pretty much EVERYONE, in that I haven't found anyone yet who doesn't fit this... everyone has something about them that I can connect with, something that will impress me, something that makes them stand out in my mind, something that not everyone else does.

    Let me give you an example: The first time I became aware of this 'lesson' was through the guy pictured below. I worked as a waiter at this resort and this guy worked the pantry. He was short, probably around 5' tall, and friendly enough, but he seemed to keep pretty much to himself, so I never really got to know him... figured we didn't have anything in common... until one day on my day off, I was walking by his cabin and I heard this beautiful music floating by. I turned around and this guy was making that music with his 12 string guitar. I was in awe. Here was this non-descript guy who hadn't really affected me one way or the other, playing this guitar and making some of the most beautiful music to ever hit my ears. Without saying anything, I walked over, sat next to him on his doorstep, and listened to him play. And he played! From then on, everytime I'd see him, I'd say hi and we'd chat about things.

    Other things that have made me see other people in a whole new light include juggling, singing, writing well, and one guy that I met even used to spin his own yarn for crocheting, had the big spinning wheel and everything. It was friggin' awesome.

    So, here's the reference to the subject line: If we were to meet, what's the one thing you do that not everyone else does that would impress the typical Blade?

    Me? I can crochet like a motherfucker! :p
  2. i didnt see the picture, but i can play a mean harmonica. im also a poet.
  3. Me? I'm quite witty. My one-liners will have ya rollin!

    ps--the pic doesn't work, and also wish i knew how to do all those things like knitting and crocheting and sewing
  4. Now it seems rather unimportant, but here he is...:rolleyes:

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  5. This thread just made my day feel so much happier. Tweech, you're the best GC newbie i've seen in a while, so your +rep is well deserved.
    edit: and my rep totally added a square next to your name :D
  6. um...i've been playing the saxophone for almost a decade now, and could play some charlie parker to blow your ears off.

  7. You win tha prize.

  8. Thanks! I was wondering how that worked...

    But, Lebowski, what's your One Thing?

  9. I dont think I have a ONE thing. Im sure if we met in person, we'd each find that one thing that we connect on, but I cant really predict it, ya know.
    Oh wait, we did agree on the fact the word fag is way overused.
  10. Dude Im really diggin this thread :cool: But yeah if we were to meet my inward heelflips would make your jaw drop :p

  11. Okay okay, I thought about it, if I ever met u, i would spin up some insanely trippy electro house!

  12. That would be WAY cool! :D I'm a freak for a good beat that I can move to... dancing would be my #2 One Thing... not that I'm that good, but that I'm that good at my age! :p

  13. LMFAO!!! (Laughing My Faggy Ass Off!) :D

    I bet they would!:p ... uh, what the heck is an inward heelflip?!:confused:

    That would be WAY cool! :D I'm a freak for a good beat that I can move to... dancing would be my #2 One Thing... not that I'm that good, but that I'm that good at my age! :p
  14. I gots a good tre :D ... well, last time i was on a board anyways...

    Other than that, nothin special. But if you ever saw me, i'd pass the blunt your way for sure.
  15. Tweech's Zone...hmmm I am like you in that I seem to be able to find a common place with everyone I come across (even when I don't want to). But the one thing you would probably not totally expect is my generosity. I hear it time after time from my friends and people I meet. But if I invest time in someone or something, I can at least be nice about it. :) heh. :smoking:

    I also say please and thank you a lot (it's a noticable amount). I just think its lost in today's society. It's nice to hear it too...
  16. I can make freestles flow out my mouth like water from a sink, hard like a rock or soft like a tittie, you can always find my comp on grass city.
  17. + rep for this really uplifting thread...

    As for me- nothin really... I'm an alright guy but I'm a bit of a gobshite to be honest... Though I'd like to think that I can't stand to see ANYONE suffer in any way shape or form unless it was absolutely necessary- like if I saw a big fat dude jogging... OOOOhhhh that's mean but it's ok because I've been a big fat dude jogging (heh)...

    See- I talk too much...

  18. Ahhh, the often forgotten concept of common courtesy! It's the way I was raised. :hello: :wave:
  19. im the person whos not afraid to say what everybody's thinking

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