The one that got away...

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  1. I'm sure many of us have been there. High school sweetheart, the girl/guy you should've kept in touch with, the time where you wish you just didnt leave it at a one night stand or the many other regretful scenarios..

    If you gotta story along these lines, Heres the place to share it.
  2. Neil Patrick Harris: I have a lost love story of my own.
    Kumar Patel: Oh yeah?
    Neil Patrick Harris: I'll never forget her. Her name was Tashonda. She was Whoopi Goldberg's stand-in. Her skin was so soft, her lips were so sweet. She had these tiny little Hershey kisses nipples that you just wanted to suck on all night long. Anyway, last day of shooting I told her. I said "T-Bird, we're gonna have to break up".
    Kumar Patel: Why'd you do that?
    Neil Patrick Harris: I didn't think I could take on that kind of responsibility. What a big mistake!
    Neil Patrick Harris: [slaps himself in the face]
    Neil Patrick Harris: The point is boys, even though I loved having sex with some hot random trim, a day hasn't gone by where I haven't thought of Tashonda. Every time I see a bag of Hershey kisses, my balls get so wet.
  3. The one that got away.......that would have turned out to be a horrible person.
  4. Man I hate this shit, stupid stupid stupid.

    Why can't I forget about this girl!!! She's the only one that can make me feel legitimately pathetic, and sometimes I can't do a damn thing about it.

    Love blows when it's a one-way affair.
  5. A thread I can contribute to...

    How the hell do you go from hanging out, and spending a lot of time with someone to completely ignoring them? I feel so stupid that this girl doesn't leave my mind, and that I'm hardly a passing thought in hers...
  6. I had a guy txting me for a couple days and after I had gone to a party with him and completely ignored him the whole night because I was wasted, the next morning he txts my phone and says he's "head over heals" for me. WHOA DUDE. So what happened? I stopped talking to him. That's what happens though, you scare a girl once and she's got this image of you. Just don't say stuff you don't really mean, cause I know he really wasn't, he just wanted to be a shoe in, but got himself kicked out lol.

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