"The One-liner Volume 2"

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by telluride toker, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Ok, same as the other, just post one sentence and the next person will add a sentence, and so on and so on. I'll start.

    Once upon a time there was a guy named Peter who didn't have any weed.
  2. Peter felt lost, so he picked up the phone.
  3. His dealer picked up the phone and said, "sure, I'll hook you up with an oz. of ak-47 for $20, just- Oh, shit, the DEA!"
  4. Peter slams the phone down and looks around in a panic...
  5. He runs out the door to try and find a hookup on the street.
  6. He sits down to roll a joint when a gruff voice says, "What are you doing?"
  7. "Oh shit" it's my Dad.... says Peter.
  8. "Fuck man!" dad said, "I just wanted a hitt you little bastard"
  9. The dad takes a hit and says, "This is shit weed, but I can get you some awsome stuff if you..."
  10. "kill Elvis for me." "Elvis is dead, Dad." "Well, shit."
  11. well, i guess i'll get it for you anyway, but you gotta...
  12. "kill elvis for me", "dad you just asked me to do that" "well maybe you shouldn't have kicked me in the head so damn hard!"
  13. and his dad falls over dead.
  14. " I woulda told u where I stash my oz if u wouldn't have kicked me in the damn head... shit"
    "Oh yeah, I'm dead..." said dad.
  15. "Oh look dad, whos that coming over here in those small ass shorts? why its ms parker, hi ms parker
  16. dad jumps up as she bends over "this fell out of ur pocket" she says as she hands him....
  17. A 8 ft. tall bong.
  18. then the dad says,"Thanks for bringing stinky back, i dont know what i wouldve done without him."
  19. then she pulls out a bag of sticky, stinky, christalized.......
  20. so dad takes the bong and weed over to SiN-Drome's house to smoke down!

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