the One And Only Mutant Plant

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  2. can you see the differnce?
    one of these just dosent belong hear lol
    Crazy Shit
  3. haha wtf man like 3 starter leaves
  4. ya even the scond set has three
  5. It's a genetic mutation, there are several posts a year on GC from people with a plant like this. Some believe it is a whorled phyllotaxy, others not. Regardless, the plant should grow, but don't be surprised if it doesn't yield very well or if the yield isn't particularly potent.
  6. I've seen this several times in our commercial grow. Flush it with water for a few watering schedules and it will clear up. 
  7. You sure it aint from steroids or PEDS for plants :p .
  8. Lol

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    Man please keep posting photos, I would love to see how they turn. 

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