The olympics 08,,,,,,, awesome,,

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by chicken, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I JUST WATCHED CHINA, COME OUT, AND WOW AT THE ELECTRICITY,,,THE olympics this year should be epic,,,,,,,,

    i like watching the olympics,,, it's a individual battle,,, pure mind state,physial,oppisition,,,,,,

    allthough i thought id see them dragons,,,, that has 12 people in them,,,,oh welll they are cool,,,,

    olympics 2008,,,, let's get it ON,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:cool:


    it's like hockey,,,, i live in fla. w.t.f. i know about hockey?

    but by watching it ive come to di it,,,,,,

    my young blades,, watch these olympics,,, and 3 more in the future,,,,,

    and see individual accomplisment,,,,,,

    and root for your country,,,, be fucking americans and be proud for one moment in your life,to be a american..........

    fuck yeah... lets get it on<<<<<<<<<<,:cool:
  2. hell yea! opening ceremonies were cool! im so stoked cant wait for the events!!!
  3. that wa s a cool ass opening ceremomny,,,,

    totally awesome,,,,,,

    ..... lets getit on,,,

    thecouldroun was just lit,,,,

    let the individual battles begin,,,
  4. It should be pretty epic this year, they really set the bar with the opening ceremony.

    cost them the equivalent of $40 billion USD
  5. I just got home from work but I caught the tail end of the ceremony. Where the guy was running along the stadium all in shiny HD. And then I witnessed the greatest fireworks show I have ever seen. And trust me, I have seen a lot of good firework displays. Went and saw the World competition in Florence a few years back. And this opening ceremony send off trumps it by 10 fold.

    Just wow! I hate that I missed the rest of it.
  6. Crazy stuff when they lit the torch. That guy was up so high...
  7. if i'd of known about the awesomeness of the opening ceremony i prob would of dropped a few hits and caught it...but i missed it.

    online time!
  8. ne events on late tonight?
  9. That ceremony was fuckin awesome. Yao ming n that little boy was epic and those costumes were sweet. Its the only time people can get away with aqua and lime green suit jackets. The dances n performances were top notch.

    As far as the Olympics. You guys got to catch the top 3 events.

    1. USA basketball n there quest 4 the gold.
    2. 100 meter race track n field. 3 superstars this time in asafe powell n Tyson gay n I forgot last dudes name. He's a 6 foot 4 burner from Jamaica. He has the world record for this race actually. This is like mj magic n bird in a track race.
    3. Michael Phelps quest 4 8 gold medals in swimming.
  10. watched until the walking of the countries. turned back right in time for the torch... while torched. ;0
  11. yea dude that intro was sweet.

    i totally forgot that it was on, my boy split a dose of 2-ci with me earlier tonite.

    i was flipping channels on the comedown,

    that was the headiest olympic opening ceremony ever.

    i was grinning the entire time.

    there were some bangin ass chicks from every country,

    but our chicks are the banginest.

    hoo ah.
  12. i need to rewatch the opening ceremony when i get some more herb (fucking dry :mad:). that be so insane
  13. BMX this tight. GO GRAVES.
    The opening ceremony was crazy talk...that was sick. Nicely done china

    I was kinda pissed how the US looked like they were all in the NAVY.

    I'm voting for Australia. Grubby!

    And...some DH action...skip about 1 min in...its good then
  14. USA,USA,USA.... :D

    Man- this is my first olympics that I am getting into. Prior to this year, whenever they came on I thought of them as an inconvienence- like 'how dare they mess up my t.v. schedule'....

    But this year I feel privileged to be able to watch them- and of all places, in China. This is incredible to be able to see.

    The openening ceremony was insane, the venues look spectacular, and the competition is great this year. So many records have already been broken in the qualifying events- just imagine how many will be broken going for gold.

    Go Olympics!
  15. yeah the olympics are dope in 1080
  16. I was reading that China spent more on the opening ceremonies than any other country in history and probably will outspend any country in the future. I saw some clips and it was amazing.
  17. I caught some of the womens weight lifting,,,those chicks are fugly looking beast man, they dont even resemble females, but I guess somebody had to check the parts just to make sure.

    However, did anybody see the lifter from USA? she was pretty damn me she had a pretty face, nice breast & sweet little bubble, did anybody else think the same? or am I loosing it?

    The US female Gymnast are a bunch of little hotties, man they are so damn flexable, I just wish they were a little older so I wouldnt feel so bad about what I'm thinking sometimes, its just not right.

    The Ladies smoked everybody in Fencing, freakin Gold Silver & Bronze...clean sweep, hot chicks with swords, love it.
  18. Haha that's what I've been saying for years bro. Every Summer Olympics I'm always checking out the female gymnasts. There's always a few hotties.

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