The olympic opening ceremony.

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  1. This shit is nuts.
  2. its awesome...i just wish the commentators would stop speaking
  3. NO kidding...... they're so annoying.
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    That shit was insane. I really hope Canada can pull off something good, 'cause if it's just beavers, mooses, snow, beer and Mounties, I'm gonna be fuckin' pissed at how epically lame it will be.
  5. Opening Ceremony??

    Who cares about other countries....:rolleyes:

    USA!! USA!! USA!!
  6. Damnit, the sound went out on my comcast in the middle of it. It hasn"t come back for like 10 minutes.... Grrrr

  7. Consider yourself lucky!

    These guys aren't kidding, the announcers won't shut the fuck up.
  8. LOL, at the bottom of the screen popped up "Technical Difficulties" and like 5 minutes later the sound came back.

    This shit is so well correagaphed, it's not even funny!
  9. wow. mad respect for all the chinese citizens who worked hard to make a great opening ceremony. everyone was so in sync it was pretty incredible. i bet the government made them slave all day and night to practice everything and not fuck up. i love the olympics. sports bring the whole world together in some way.

  10. ya rly. the ones that impressed me the most by far were the dudes underneath those block things making the wave patterns, the people with those big paddle things during the boat part, and the tai chi dudes. the people with those light up green suits were pretty fucking badass too.

    the drumming at the beginning was pretty impressive too, but they've got nothing on a real drum corps (yea 2008 people i know i know, but even people around each other weren't that together...also, no where near as tight as some of the other groups too)

    damn it i wish i had herb while watching it :mad:

  11. dude.. did you SEE how many of them there were? i don't blame them if some of them weren't quite as in sync as the others.
  12. Haha, so did I. I was fucked up on amanita muscaria at the time, and it made it even more epic, and slightly frightening. Damn....

  13. i did comment on how many of them there are and how difficult it would be.... but then i also pointed out how much more in sync other groups of 2008 performers were. and that is why it didn't seem as impressive of a feat (though still very impressive) as the others
  14. I'm watching the repeat right now, and wow.

    This shit is ridiculous.
  15. the greatest sporting event in the world, has anybody ever seen what the original olympians went through in the games, they did god like things.
  16. i saw only the halph of it..unfortunately...i was on the beach and it took some time to come back...but the fireworks were crazy..i mean its chine..i was waiting for amazing fireworks...

    i didnt see greece's mission though.....where the fuck were we?anyway...i did see the halph of it.

    if only the nationalities gathered in the olympics could co exist as well when the olympics are over

  17. ancient greeks used to compete naked btw. and only men could take part of course(classical ancient greek democracy..only good for men..)

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