The Oldest Generation Roach of Pot You've Smoked

Discussion in 'General' started by DJchronic2, Feb 18, 2009.

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    i think ive only to like 2 or 3 generations.the weed eventually just turns get so fucked if you roll a 3 generations old roach joint.
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    That's disgusting.

    Sorry if I sound like a snob..

    To answer the question, probably just a second generation.
  3. I believe the highest ive got to was 5 generations+ weed from the 1980s that I found in my dads room while looking for my ss card in all his boxes of shit.
  4. I've gotten to tenth generation roaches before, it's like smoking a bowl of resin with some weed in it.
  5. haha damn thats alot of roaches. I smoked one that was rolled from the roaches but never heard its was just some roaches so prolly just 1st

    I like to take those pipes at the gas station though and you unscrew them then put a nug inside and put back together. After a few sacks its one potent fucking nug!
  6. Okay what do you mean by oldest generation roach?
    Like a roach passed down from grandfather to father to son?
    I'm lost.
  7. i smoke to the filter, so.. i never smoke roaches.
  8. using roaches to roll roach joints and than using those roaches to roll another roach joint until its just black tar looking shit that gets you fucked up.
  9. they look like dried shrooms
  10. Haha ew.
    I'd never even heard of a 'roach joint'.
  11. Lmao wow that looks so nasty but yet so great in a weird sort of way... And to answer the queestion I havn't got far at all in generations, my roaches are gone way before it gets to that point.
  12. is it just me or is tarred out weed more potent than the original weed was?
  13. It's resinated so, yeah.

    More concentrated psychoactives since the end of the joint acts as it's own filter and builds it up. Same way cigarettes used to filter their shit in the 40's-50's.
  14. lol..well if the smoke that passes through that roach and goes into your lungs has THC then you can guess that all that resin on the roach...still has thc. Since it didnt make it to the lungs and all
  15. I just noticed the title has "swoffle" in it.. Wtf is swoffle?
  16. I thought that was batch of magic mushrooms at first lol
  17. They'retrying to replace weed with swoffle.

    Please ban the trolls.
  18. fucking retarded

    whats with swoffle.
    i leave for 12 hours and this shit happens??
  19. I dunno man call me crazy but i kinda like the smell of a dank roach burnin...not nearly as much as the weed tho,
  20. A few times I've had roaches and unrolled them and put them together to roll another joint. So, I guess that would be a 1st generation roach joint. Thats about as far as I've gone. Although, I guess there has been a time or two when one of those roaches was from a roach joint. So, uh... I don't know.

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