the older i get..

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. the more cannabis turns into a spiritual thing to me..even just getting together with some girls or friends n shit.. every cannabis experience has so much meaning to me, i feel like it shows me the way, shows me the truth. theres this perfect synchronicity that is felt when we get together and its nothing but laughter and smiles. i feel like every person is a window, and when we get together and smoke that window opens and the breeze comes in..and we just feel fly as fuck together. ive been told my smoking atmosphere is a very enjoyable one. anyone else feel the same?
  2. praise the lord!!!
  3. feelin so irie
  4. the older I get, the hairier and wrinklier my ballz get
  5. hell na gotta cut the grass to play ball ya feel
  6. but yeah, the herb def makes the world go round
  7. dude I wouldnt shave my balls, that's some nerve wracking shit

    Tops good enough

  8. yesss it does! :hello:

  9. im not down to shave but ill use this trimmer i have....even with the trimmer i still get a lil nervous hahaha
  10. I feel the same way, it's why I like smoking alone. It only works when I'm alone, I can't enjoy my high around people cause I zone out and they hate that.
  11. Kum-ba-mothafucking-ya
  12. Yeah man, exactly the same.

    You put beautifully.
  13. I know exactly how you feel.
  14. Praise Maryjane, she's the absolute antidote I need in my brain hahaha but werd I feel you man, it started to become an spiritual enlightenment when I started toking more by myself and less with people and I like it that way, guess maturity also plays a key role as well.
  15. Yeah but what if the grass gets so long your too lazy to cut it, and the pitcher don't mind the weeds...:D

    hahaha jk I keep my shit neat down there :p

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