The Old Lady Next Door (True Story)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Oddyball, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. First off get me a pic of this lady cuz i wan2 see what were tlkin bout here.. but in all reality tap that.. maybe a few times.. then peace

  2. OMFG dude that is scaring....Why the fuck would you EVER wan't to bone a 48 year old. Are you fucking brain dead??????? You can't find some cumbucket closer to your age??? that is so fucked up dude Im almost puking right now.
  3. LMFAO she sounds LONELY AS FUCK. Hahahaha let me get this out of my system. As I was reading this thread I was laughing hysterically (Yes, I'm baked...) and I still couldn't think of an answer. As of now, my best answer would be if you wanna fuck her-get her drunk as shit then do it. lol good luck :smoking::smoking:
  4. ah i remember this thread in its glory days :smoking:
  5. lol me too :D
  6. Soo.. How long since this started?

    23 pages..

    No pics..

    Just typing..

    Sooo.. even if he does get a pic who's saying it's real? I could just grab a nude pic of some chick of the net and post it up and you all would FREAK OUT and gimme buku rep!

    In the end unless you truly have some convincing evidence I call bullshit.. And you shouldn't lie to make yourself look cool.

    If you can provide me evidence I'll apologize and call myself an asshole. Otherwise this is sad.. so very sad.
  7. I have noticed two things while reading this thread.

    1.Do people even read the updates or the story? I mean 23 pages into this thread and people are still telling him to fuck her even though this situation is over with.

    2.This guy is so full of shit that when he talks you need to hold a trash can under his mouth.

    But anyways a good story to read. You habe some talent even if it does involve lying on the internet.
  8. go fuck her dude.. if u see a way to get money by marrying her or somthing do it and just deal with her when she gets old like tune her out and be rich n blaze everyday and then go out and fuck some hot 18 year olds..

    summary : fuck her and in no time ull be fucking sweet 18 yo pussy
  9. You guys don't even realize how old this thread is? ;)
  10. Dude, have her buy you stuff and keep a thing going with her. I mean why deny the pussy?
  11. You back from grandma's house yet? or just havin too much fun doin her too?

    jk lol where's this pic @?
  12. Awesome......... but dude cmon you should have known to always wear a rubber when goin in the back.

    shit happens:D

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