The Old Lady Next Door (True Story)

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    Hahahaha, here goes, jesus...

    So, I've lived in this house that I'm currently living in for about 15 years (since I was 8). Ever since I was 8 I've had the same neighbors. A nice man and a nice older lady. The husband moved out of the house last year to move closer to work (about 2 cities away) and she stayed at the house. They decided to rent the extra rooms out to some college girls.

    So, one day two weeks ago, my buddy pops into my window with a very strange proposal: "Hey dude.... what's the oldest woman you'd fuck?" I kina laughed and said "Oldest? Uh... 40's, if they were smoken." He jumped into my room and the subject changed. Fast forward 2 days, he's back to my window with the same proposal, but different question: "Hey dude, what if I could get you some pussy?" I said "Sure dude, who?". "Well man, uh.... well shit, you can't tell anyone, nah, I shouldn't tell you." "Tell me asshole!" I said as I was lighting a smoke.

    "Well dude, see uh, I was hanging out the other day in front of your pad when your neighbor walked out."

    "Which one dude? It's like a frat house over there." I said.

    "Well uh, the older one, the short one with big tits."

    "Ohh... ok, go on." (at this point I'm kind of amused)

    "Well dude, she came up to me and asked me for a smoke. She bummed one off and then we started talking."

    "About what dick?"

    "Well she asked about you...."

    "Really... my nighbor? The older lady asked about me? No way fucker."

    "Yeah dude, she wanted to know if you had a girlfriend. I told her you didn't, and that you hadn't been laid in a year."

    "Why the FUCK did you tell her that dude????"

    "I duno man, it slipped. Anyways, she said she can help you with that."


    So some background on this lady. She's 48, 5'1, 110 lbs. Her body is that of a barby doll. She's rich, and she has breast implants. I mean, fuck 3 years ago she had no tits, now she has C's.

    Anyways, the story goes on....

    So fast forward a week, my buddy pops in my window again, this time... same proposal, different strategy. He tells me to get up and to follow him. So, not knowing where the fuck I was going, I followed him. I was high. He leads me to the house next door, through the side gate and to her door of her room. At this point I realize what the fuck he was doing and I wanted to leave. I didn't know if her husband was home, if this was a joke, fuck I didn't know what the fuck was going on. I was high, too.

    To my surprise she opens the door. I was shocked. I walked in to her room and sat down on her chair. She starts talking about some movie or something, and I'm just casually looking around at her shit (pictures, etc). She tells me and my friend that there are beers in the fridge, so we go and grab a few. When I got up to get my beer, she told me to come sit by her. So, I plopped down on her bed and just sat next to her.

    We start talking about the movie again, or some shit, and the next thing I know, I swear to god, we were talking about the movie - she opens her nightstand and pulls out 2 big fucking dildos. I honestly... I thought I was trippen balls or some shit on this weed. So she's sitting there, indian style, and she grabs a dildo and holds it on her jeans, above her pussy, like a dick. And she just starts stroking the dildo and I knew this was my que to jump in.

    This older lady, hot as fuck, my neighbor who I had known for YEARS, shit she even gave me candy on halloween, and she was there for my graduation (I'm 22). She takes off her fucking top and her beautiful ass tits pop out. So yeah I start squeezing them, and sucking on them. The next thing you know, she bent over naked on her bed while I'm using the dildo on her. I mean shit, as I type this it's hitting me.

    So I didn't fuck her that night, but she's been all over my friends, telling them that she wants my number, want's to seduce me and fuck me and even come over to my house. Now I'm 22, she's 48, and my mom was on the PTA with her. I mean this shit is a little too close to home. I want to go over and fuck her, but........... it's so fucking close to home and her husband is a RICH, RICH, RICH, RICH man who drives a $80,000 Mercades, has a BMW motorcycle - I mean if he found out, I'd probably be killed, hahah. So yeah... that's my story. Any advice?
  2. Hahahahahahah EXACTLY my feelings.
  3. She sounds 150% unstable

    Where there's pussy, there's a minefield. Don't say no one warned you.
  4. Don't do it mang. She's married. If she doesn't have any class at least you do. But not being laid in a year? C'mon man
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    A wealthy, attractive, promiscuous 40-something year old woman with a penchant for younger guys and with a husband who's never around???

    shit son, you could probably use that bitch as a windsock. Just run'er up a flagpole, spread eagle, and never wonder what direction the wind is blowing ever again.
  6. hahaha
  7. i say go for it chop her like firewood
  8. the pussy minefeild

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  9. that sounds totally fake.
    why would her husband move out and not take her?
    if shes been your neighbor for so long how come she never did anything like this before?

    if it is real i wouldn't do it. shes married man. what would you want someone to do if it was your wife? use some self control even though it'll be hard
  10. Yeah but if it all goes through like it's supposed to
    The whole neighborhood knows you and they'll expose you
    Think about it before you walk in the door first

    Fuck that! Do that shit! Shoot that bitch!
    Can you afford to blow this shit? Are you that rich?
    Why you give a fuck if she dies? Are you that bitch?

    Man, don't do it, it's not worth it to risk it!
    Not over this shit Drop the biscuit
    Don't even listen to Slim yo, he's bad for you
  11. Prolly has daddy issues in her past. Which in turn, turned her into a slut of sorts.


    Her husbands been gone for so long she just needs some real dick and you're right there.

    when was the last time you saw the husband? i got the impression that they don't see each other to often.
  12. Man I'm thinking old lady as in some 65+ old broad so as I'm reading this, I'm getting a little weirded out.

    As someone said, everyone will find out somehow. Someone will notice you going over there a lot or some naught gesture outside her house. All you need is the wrong person to see anything to make them jump to the conclusion and all hell will break out.

    If she wasn't married, I'd say go for it but the fact that she is, should be enough to deter you if you respect the ideals of marriage. I'm married and I think it's an archaic institution but that doesn't mean I'm gonna disregard the rules.
  13. do her ONCE but then STOP... don't turn it into an affair
  14. Damn that sounds fun, The only thing that would stop me is the fact shes married, I dont fuck with women who are married or otherwise occupied. Pussy aint worth catching a round from an angry hubby.
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    hahah great read. my advice- as somebody else said go to her house ONCE. make it a day your free all day. fuck her all you want. get high. then never call her again. and take a picture for the memory. hahah
    plus you dont want to live in regrets. go out and get the memory.

  16. What?!

    I would say....

    Don't fuck with that; too much trouble for what its worth.

    I say -

    go get a young gun(chick) who can take the(your) caliber
  17. id hit it. i would have hit it that night. that is if shes a milf. and not just some old nasty lady.

    consider it hiding in plain site. do you think your folks would ever imagine that you would fuck your neighbor? nah. . . prolly the last thing on their mind. so next time when ur folks are looking and you know shes home. just go nock on the door and plow that shit.

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