The Old Freemason & Satanic Cemetery

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  1. So I live in a suburb right next to a pretty tiny cemetery. I always wanted to go and smoke there, so last week me and some buds went there to check it out.

    We smoked numerous bowls of Bigfoot weed. Afterwards I wanted to check out the gravestones.

    This is where is got freaky.
    Every stone I examined had this symbol for a guy:

    and this symbol for a girl:

    If you look closely, you'll realize that the first one is the FREEMASON symbol and the second is a PENTAGRAM, identified with SATAN.

    This wouldn't have been as strange if maybe only a few had these images, but every single goddamn stone was engraved with these. The years are from the mid 1800's to around 1970.

  2. wait wtf, every grave has that symbol lol?

    thats pretty weird , well probably now it is back then most people didnt really know shit about the symbols and freemason shit

  3. EVERY grave yeah dude. Maybe I'd be able to post some actual pictures. It's truly freaky shit.
  4. You should search their names maybe there all famous people freemasons lol
  5. thats sick. I bet they were all secret spec ops agents from the old days:devious:
  6. wow. get more pics, that's crazy
  7. That symbol is only recognized as satan because the christian church was afrain of Paganism and in Paganism that symbol doesnt represent anything bad. The freemasons knew all that shit tho... they were Anti-church, hence the use of symbols the church made evil, but they are not.
  8. Also if you look closely it makes sense why those symbols were chosen one has an upwards pointing V the symbol for men, and one has a chalice, or a downward pointing V which is the symbol for women
  9. I'm calling bullshit, upload some pics or something man

  10. there are hundreds of masonic cemeteries...the masons did create this country as sad as it is..... google search that shit....we have a masonic lodge here in boulder disguised as a church, it has the mason symbol all OVER the place and people go in there late at fucking night to do god knows what.
  11. What a bunch of crap, you people are just afraid of the unknown.

    The "church" has been the biggest opressor of women and has killed thousands of people for thier own gain.

    Just look at the middle east right now....

  12. thank you, lol... why dont people ever read into things.... Almost every symbol the church finds evil, is something pertaining to women, the direction left, or people that were considered "unworthy" like oh anyone who wasnt a white european in the fucking year 0.... Its sad how much grasp the church actually has..... Satanism is pretty much what Paganism was, just because big bad god didnt like it

    Anyone who isnt willing to go read some shit to figure this out, should just go play assassins creed 1, it pretty much explains historically in various shit you unlock what the christians did to the world, and its pretty historically correct.... aside from...the game....i mean just the shit they discuss....anyone who played it knows what i mean
  13. Chill out it's the symbol for the sisters of the easter star. Not every symbol means the same to everyone. Hitler stole swastika and much of his symbols from older cultures but they are ruined to use today.

    Sisters of the easter star is just a fraternity for the wives, sisters, and daughters of Freemasons. You were in a masonic graveyard. Makes sense.


    I know masons and know a good deal of them so if anyone has some omg I'm scared of masons I can answer questions.

  14. Every fucking time i see your sig i want to go see my ferret, it looks EXACTLY like him lol. And yay mason knowledge hahahaha My friend found a super old ring in his attic here, which is MAYBE a block from that masonic church here i was talking about....the symbol matches the symbol above the door...we took it in there to see if maybe someone could tell us what it the "rank" of the wearer, what the symbols under the band was an amazing ring actually. we took it in...asked this guy that was wandering around and he INSTANTLY made us leave.....i guess we forgot the whole secrecy part of the deal hahahaha, tried to find it, still cant really find a meaning for it...he goes to college in fort collins now so i dont ever see him but i really wanna know what that ring means, maybe i can get him to send me a pic for you to look at haghahahah

  15. What I can tell you is that the ring is considered as sort of a token in a masonic lodge. They aren't a church they just require you believe in a god to join that way you are able to swear to your god. If they teach a religion or snuck in or not I can't say. He was most likely just upset with your unknowing of how much he respected the ring and was ticked ha.

  16. I didnt mean its actually a church, its just in a church... and its named like The church of Joseph blah blah, and they actually hold sunday services for...seemingly ordinary people... i think its a cover up... me and my friends have witnessed multiple times people going in there after midnight and not leaving for hours and hours, and not just like 2-3 people... like 10-15 people will flock in...its quite the spectacle...ive always wanted to sneak a peek but im afrain il end up seeing something, i really didnt want to lol. I know they are notorious for their midnight sex affairs heheheheheh
  17. Both of those symbols are of the Freemasons, and are NOT related to Satan. I should know since my dads a free mason and all.

  18. You are most likely referring to "lodge of instruction" which every lodge holds once a month. This is a semi public meeting allowing friends and family in and a member of the lodge share information about there job or a task or information that is useful. Not all members go but brothers travel from lodge to lodge to meet other members and better the communities.

    The fact is if Freemasons are evil it's not the ones you see that are evil or in any part the same.

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