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  1. Post about your scariest high here!

    Me and my friend were walking to target at 2 in the morning when a cop stoped us and we were both like oh shit man should we run then the cop pulled up next to us and was like.

    Cop-How old are you

    Us- 16, 15 (at the time)

    Cop- wear you guys going

    Us-up the street....... um i mean target (targets like 2.5 miles away from wear we were)

    Cop-have you guys been drinking or have any drugs on you

    Us-wear not dumb we follow the law ( 7 g's of dank, cigs, and dip in my pocket)

    Cop- O'k go home kids

    Without even checking us like a dumbass so we walk back to my neighborhood and another Cop SLAMES!!! his breaks next to us looks at us and we walk towards him and he drives away fast lol idk why but yah thats my story :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. When i snuck out of my house at 1 am. and i had to climb down roofs and ladders, and the whole time i thought my mom was calling my name, i was pretty scared that i was gonna get caught.
  3. I was chillun with my buddy around a fire, drinkin beer and we just lit up a massive blunt, like half O big and we were gonna tell scary stories when our lady friends got back, so we were chillun and this HUGE fucking fly with big red eyes startings flying around the fire...

    This beast was like as big as my fucking palm, just fucking HUGE, when i saw it at first i thought it was a spark and then when i saw what it was i was like "HOLY FUCK!!! RUN!!!" LOL

  4. lmao thats priceless
  5. When i smoked two blunts at the top of a mountain...then got lost.:eek:
  6. 2 stories here.

    i was driving my dads car and i smoked like 5 bowls in his car....needless to say i was plenty high. so i stopped by a burger place called habit, ate my food which was amazing, and it was night time so as soon as i was done, i got back in the car and drove to the exit of the shopping center....

    i saw a crapload of car lights driving down the street and i was so high that i was terrified to turn right into the traffic, so i waited like 15 minutes to turn hahaha.

    second story is my best one. i rolled a blunt and decided i was gonna just light it up and walk down the street. my neighborhoods pretty quiet so i thought nobody would be out...

    so im halfway done with this blunt and these 2 guys on bikes, were rolling up behind me and one of them yelled "DEA" and laughed as they rolled by. cause it smelled so skunky where i was walking haha. scared the fuck out of me.

    i laughed it off and got back in my car and left after i finished it up.
  7. My friend was moving into a new house, so we decided to break in before he moved in and smoke in there one night. We smoked a few blunts and we were rolling the last one we could when me and my friend went to walk around his front yard.

    He said he saw a cop on the street but i didn't really understand him so we kept walking and we turn around and there's a cop infront of his house with the spotlight searching the yard. We dove into some bushes while the people inside shut the lights off.

    The cop walked around the house, close to our bush we were in but he didn't do anything. We hopped out of the bushes and got the hell out of there
  8. One time me and 3 other buddies were chillin in this sewer drain like place behind peoples houses. We were all hittin the bubbler. We heard these loud ass bike noises going around the street. Eventually we heard the bike come down to where we were (no one goes down there) and all 3 of my buddies take off thinking that it is cops while my high as fuck ass just sits there. It turned out to be 2 guys on pocket bikes and they were like hey you smoking back hear. I said No (with a bubbler filled with green and a 30 sack in front of me). They said man its obvious just let me get a hit. I said sure and gave one of theguys a hit and they left. It was prettty badass at the time. I finished a couple bowls before my buddies got back :D

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