The "oh my god its so f'ing hot outside" grow.

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  1. So yeah, bout 90-95F EVERY DAY, nothing but sun EVERY DAY. :mad:

    I hate it, but she loves it :hello:
    Its a clone. About 2 weeks young now. More pictures soon.


    shes starring in the forum "sick plants and problems" right now because the light fell on her and went unnoticed.
  2. little insight on the grow.

    its a clone of a bagseed.

    • Hydro or Soil Miracle grow potting mix.
    • Type of light? A soon to be singularity. (the sun)
    • "Atmosphere" Conditions estimate of about 90-95F, high humidity, it being florida and being .1 mile away from the beach, rainy and windy sometimes.
    • Waterings purified water with a BRITA water purifier, probably about 16-24 oz. of purified water daily, every other watering with 20-20-20 all purpose plant food, about 1/4-1/2 strength
    • PH Range trying to do this for free :(
    • Nutrients/Supplements Jack's Classic 20-20-20 all purpose plant food
    • Pictures if possible! pictures above, no problems yet :hello:
    • Design and Dates 5 gallon pot maybe i dont know
    • Other hahaha, its in her genetics to grow STUPID. normally the leaves would go 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. mine goes 3, 4, 2, 5, 4, 5, etc. sometimes even 1. mother had the same problem but i think its funny
  3. You need to fill your clone's pot up with more soil! It will get a hell of a lot larger with more root room.

    Btw... your mothership is sexy :)
  4. When i first saw that plant i thought is was some crazy samll strain but clone cool. Guessing you cloned her? What you use, plain water or special clonex stuff?

    How old is the mother?
    Whats her bud/harvest like? so we know what were in for watching here.

    Good luck, seem as if you know what your doing.
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    thanks kc36, yeah its just a clone, i used root powder, god it from a friend dont know the brand, just some white powder in a ziploc. im gonna call it stupid bud because of how it grows in the most unorganized way. I havent got the results from the mother yet, she was badly injured and is now starring in the "sick plants and problems" forum, but shes about 1.5-2 months old. and no, i really dont know what im doing, lol. only my 2nd grow thats exceeded a few weeks and i killed the last one with nitrate of soda, but now i know not to use that, and the forums here at GC and vids on youtube have tought me everything i know:hello:
    [insert religious figure here] bless GC.
  6. fell in to the 2nd page so ill post some new pics for people to look at.


    The mother ship that got destroyed :(
    she's slowly comin back though:hello:

    stupid weather i woke up to.
  7. oh yeah and that screen thingie is not being used as a scrog, just a temporary safety precaution until i get some real lights fixtures that wont fall.
  8. same exact weather as yesterday, stupid florida.

    planted the 3rd clone outdoors, ill get pictures when its sunny outside again :(
  9. some pics of the new site for the clone.
    and a possible other site.

    1st site:

    2nd site:

    2nd clone in 1st site:

    6 seeds i just planted for the fun of it: haven't sprouted yet, didnt germinate, dont really care if they grow or not.

    The clone

    So far everything is going good, need to get some money to get some soil and more nutes and other various things needed.

    and also a question:
    when my plant starts budding, what happens if it rains? does that screw up the buds?
  10. no the buds will be fine lol theyll dry out when u harvest

  11. well obviously, but while they're on the plant it doesnt affect the thc content or the trichs or anything?
  12. I don't know man but to me it looks like something is seriously wrong with your grow man. OMG it's so fucking hot are you sure you haven't heat dwarfed those plants? (I know of at least one other jackass who did that this year). The good thing is by the looks of those palm trees you can grow year round.

  13. ummm....what??? the one inside is like 2 months old and i just want it out of my closet so i put it on 12/12, the tall clone is like a foot tall and isnt anywhere near being ready to bud, so i dont know what the hell youre talkin about...
  14. Oh sorry man they looked smaller than that in the pics. They look like these two plants I have that I left out in the heat and are dwarfed forever. Didn't mean to be discouraging. Good luck with your grow.
  15. lol, thats alright.

    you got some good grows yourself OP.
  16. preflowers:hello:


    stupid cellphone pictures but theyre there.
  17. awwwww, so the biggin died, but the tiny little clone is still goin...its about 4 inches tall and....budding???? yeah weird...

    got hit by a weed wacker so i said fuck it and left it alone thinking it was gonna die...NOPE.
  18. soooo heres the pics of the final generation, and the only to survive.


    I KNOW its fucked up, NO I DID NOT DO IT.
    so dont tell me "oh my god that thing is so fucked up what did you do?"
    I didnt do shit.

  19. Oh my EFFING GOD!!! That thing is sooo fucked up!! What the fuck did you do to it??:p:wave:

    It may spring back, Good Luck:)

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