the official "you know your high when....." thread

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  1. the official "you know your high when....." thread. ill kick start with...

    you know your high when .... you play mario party 3 for 4 hours.

    (yes we hooked up the nintendo 64 just to play the classic mario party 3 or maybe it was 2.....idk:smoke:)
  2. When you put the cereal back in the fridge and the milk back in the pantry.

    When you take the hot pocket out of the microwave and accidentally throw it away instead of the little foil sleeve.

    When you watch The Lion King on DVD.
  3. an entire season of family guy in one sitting without leaving the couch the entire time :poke:
  4. when using your lighter becomes an epic battle between heaven and hell
  5. When you are literally incapable of packing another bowl.
    Or even getting the bud out of the bag.
  6. [quote name='sparticus63']When you put the cereal back in the fridge and the milk back in the pantry.quote]

    i do that shit sober hahaha
  7. you know your high when you start your hair on fire while trying to light the bowl haha

    peace :wave:
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    When a simple question goes unanswered because nobody remembers the question

    When you forget where you are or how you got there

    When your friend asks if he should pack another bowl and you say no :D

    When your bowl's been roasting for a ridiculously long amount of time and you actually despise it :D
  9. When you forget what you were saying halfway through the sentence.
  10. ...when you have a permanent lighter burn/scar on the side of your thumb.

    ...when going to a concert costs $50 plus the cost of your ticket.
  11. When i put down my bowl, when i exale my smoke.
  12. you know your high when you do the robot walkin into exxon at 2 am jut to fuck wit the foreign guy at da register lmao
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    When you feel like you can control sensations and shit with your mind. Idk I'd have to be high to explain it right.
  14. ...when you are new to the forums and post an "official" thread when thousands of the same have been made before
  15. When ur to fucked up to remember to search before you post
  16. When you spend an hour laughing at something you wouldn't even find remotely funny when sober.

  17. In the words of Kelso- "BURN!"
  18. Damn dude I've done this before. Like when you realize all at once that everything you think and feel has to go through your brain first and you can control your brain, so you can control all of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. When I'm high it's almost like I have an off switch to whatever sense I want. Maybe we're talking about something different, but still a crazy phenomenon.
  19. you know you're high when...

    ... you zone out and have to ask the people you're with what the present topic of conversation is.

    ... you try to pour a glass of water, wonder why you hear liquid hitting the floor, and discover that the cup you're pouring into was upside down.

    ... you lose the ability to answer questions because you can't think. This goes hand-in-hand with what someone else said about questions going unanswered because no one can remember the question long enough.

    ... you hold joint/blunt/other smoking device and just talk with it in your hand for 20 minutes or until someone reminds you to hit it, whichever comes first.

    ... it takes you forever to find your belongings, like your phone, lighter, etc even though you'd probably find it in a second when you're sober (this probably happens to us girls more often because pocketbooks complicate shit), and turns out the object you were trying to find was someplace you checked 10 times.

    ... silence isn't awkward, only comfortable.
  20. when you need to take the time to post in every re-posted thread just to insult the thread starter, gtfo were makin progress here

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