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    Well Hear it is the official wwe thread tell me any comments thoughts predictions favorite wrestlers past or present even your thoughts on other promotions anything. Go 2 it
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  2. this is my predictions of the current cm punk/john cena/rock storyline

    cena wins the title in this tourney thing.

    punk teases returns, twitter posts etc etc etc blahblah

    cena gets an opponent.

    survivor series hits sometime round already comfirmed to come back for it cuz its at MSG..he confronts cena

    and maybe just maybe vince returns with a superstar who has more star power then them all...CM PUNK. the crowd goes nuts..sets up a CM punk cena fued they go till Mania, punk has the title (which would probably be in his contract if he returns as well as colt cabana getting resigned)

    cena and rock don't need a title involved. the names alone sell it. punk obviously wont be involved in that match but i think maybe he gets a main even title Match.
  3. "it's still real to me dammit!!!!!!!!!"
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  4. i'm hoping for a new belt tonight. i do wanna see where they're going with the whole hhh/ceo/vince/punk thing. I got a hunch hhh vs punk at some point. i'd watch it
  5. I just wanted 2 share something..
    ..many moons ago I saw the Hulkster kick the living shit out of Mr.X.
    Does anyone have this footage ?
    ..take care..
  6. yeah i was thinkin hhh vs punk too.

    i think wwe is gunna start bringin in some independent guys for the punk storyline
  7. [​IMG]

    this is great

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    O hell ya I hear kings of wrestling from ring of honor have signed deals n colt cabana stopped taking Indy bookings n wrestled a dark match on smackdown last week I think they should all come in at once n have punk join em n b an awesome stable kinda like the outsiders or when melinko Benoit Saturn n guerreo came in 2 the wwe
  9. the only problem is punk just led a stable..and i think this one should be more of a thing where theyre all friends and not ever in competition for the top spot.
  10. I used to be a fan. I still would be if the WWE was higher quality. My favourites were the antiheros. I loved Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Also I loved Bret Hart because he's from the same province as me, but I never saw him on recent TV, only old matches on the internet. My prediction is that wrestling will continue to decline until Vince gets some new talent who can be stars. Seriously, look at the top level talent. People like Triple H and now The Rock are top level talent still. What's Vince going to do when they retire? The WWE needs good prospects who will be able to take over when the last of the old guard retires. They also need to book better. Remember back when somebody interfering with a match would be a major thing and built a lot of tension? It happens seemingly every match now. I mean seriously fuck whoever is booking. That whole NXT thing was dildos. That's like if an NFL team was formed out of high school players and won the super bowl.
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    That's exactly what I'm saying since they were all in ring of honor let it all be equal no 1 leader
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    I'm a long time wwe fan an everything you just stated is a complete fact luckily it looks like they may b pushing more young talent like Daniel Bryan dudes a hell of an athlete and wrestler I hope it will get better soon and for the first time in years it looks like it actually is btw hbks music is without a doubt my favorite ever whats not 2 love about the heart break kid
  13. cm punk is the best tho.

    i would love to see a punk vs austin mania match.

    but punk vs hhh seems more realistic.
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    Actually believe it or not punk Austin might actually happen stone cold who said he's basically done with wrestling said if he had 2 wrestle anyone in the company right now it would be punk and they have had a face to face encounter at least once and I felt a lil electricity in the air haha so it's possible maybe somewhat of a long shot but definitely possible
  15. i mean it basically sets itself up..the straight edge superstar who causes a ruckus against the mudhole stompin BMF stone cold steve austin who causes a ruckus as well lol.

    i think goldberg is gunna come back too
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    There's talks of him going 2 tna actually Goldberg himself in a video said he would be back wrestling by the end of the year
  17. here is a question. Do you WANT to see goldberg wrestle in 2011? The guy was a one hit wonder. He had his unbeatable gimmick, 4 moves and a career killer of a kick! (get it?) If they put him with angle, maybe i'd watch. I wouldn't pay. But angle can get a good match out of anyone. Hell, he could wrestle my 2 yr old kid and still put on a 3 star match.

  18. Angle is a great technical wrestler and really got screwed by the storylines. He should really be (he might, I don't watch TNA) getting a chance to let his skills shine. I mean, the dude got an olympic gold medal.
  19. Was in a thread a min ago and a guys screen name was kris benwa, made me sad, RIP Chris Benoit and Family, your story is a sad and tragic tale of triumph and destruction. I forgive and hope you do, Chris worked hard in his life to provide us with excitement and entertainment and payed the worst price that could be asked for his choices. I cried that day! 
  20. Haha I was about to go off on you for saying the rock was confirmed to show at msg, then realized this was dated in 2011. Rocks never coming back, or at least I hope. But rock lesnar would be fine.

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