~*The Official*~ Would you game

Discussion in 'General' started by supercoco, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. The rules are that you make a question that begins with "would you" and the next person has to answer


    Ill start off:

    Would you completely resign from GC for 50LBs of Sour Diesel? :D

    Have fun!
  2. hells yeah.

    Would you smoke an ounce of crack in a week for a million bucks?
  3. yes!

    would you kill yourself in the event of a SEVERE zombie outbreak?
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    hELLZ Yes!
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  6. ...hmmm,depends on what mood im in,

    hellz yea!

    Would You drink 1 sip out of a porto-potty for 20 lbs
  7. Naah.

    Would you let yourself get jumped by Piru hoods for a Kilo of kush
  8. Probably not.

    Would you fuck Megan Fox knowing she had HIV?
  9. nah i woudlnt fuck that toe thumb bitch period, those things creep me the fuck out, would ever try the glass cup trick?
  10. Uhhhh.....Damn Im Stuck

    Yes But With A Rubber

    Would You Butt-Fuck A HomeLess Man For $10,000?
  11. no way man. maybe if it was like a million.

    would you let your mom die to save you own life?
    (kinda took that from Riding the Bullet)
  12. if i got her life iunsurance and her house car, sure. she'd want it that way.
  13. didnt say nothing soo ummm.... okay haha

    Would you strip for a gay bar for 500,000 dollaarzzz
  14. Yes Honestly:(

    Would You Live At Wal-Mart For Your EveryDay Needs.....If It Required You
    To Live There Forever
  15. ummmm No

    Would You Let A Rapist Molest You If You Could Be The Next President
  16. Well you say molest, so if all they're going to do is fondle my balls for a minute I'll go for it to become president, then has his ass sent to top men.

    Would you commit suicide if it meant the end to all of the worlds problems?
  17. No. Not to sound selfish, but what good would that do me ?

    Would you give up smoking weed forever, if it meant saving the life of a child ?

    (sorry all I could come up with on a whim)
  18. Yeah, Most likely I will. I aint too sure but yeah sure.

    Would you rather fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........
    a dude in the ass or kim kardashian without a head.
  19. id fuck that bitch in her headless throathole

    would you eat a book of acid(10000 hits) than ride the craziest rollercoaster in the world?

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