The Official "Wiz Khalifa" thread

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  1. Shoutout to all the Wiz Khalifa fans on GrassCity... TGOD. This is the official fan thread that I am going to keep constantly updated with news and music for our taylor gang family.
    [ame=]YouTube - Wiz Khalifa-The Kid Frankie Music Video[/ame]

    What is your favorite mixtape?
    What is your favorite song?
    Taylor gang or ______?
  2. That kid frankie music video is fuckin awesome.

    [ame=]YouTube - Wiz Khalifa - So High[/ame]


    By far the best songs to blast and smoke to
  3. SO HIGH is a classic :cool:

    [ame=]YouTube - Wiz Khalifa - B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)[/ame]

    I've been listening to his burn after rollin a lot lately
    spark up and float on
  4. couldn't leave this out either
    [ame=]YouTube - Wiz Khalifa-Name On A Cloud/Wussup(HD)[/ame]
  5. taylor gang or kill yourself. okaaaaaaaay
    but he need to stop talking shit bout blunts lol
    but i fuck wit himm the most right now
  7. UPDATE : new interview wit your boy wiz

    [ame=]YouTube - WIZ KHALIFA x LA STEREO I/V[/ame]

    be on the lookout for a new music video from wiz khalifa here soon! :smoking:

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