The official "Where is Earl Sweatshirt" thread.

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  1. I need to fucking know. Actually I don't really need to know where he is now, but he better come back.

    Post your theories and facts blah blah blah
  2. what happened?
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    They got in trouble with the cops before they blew up...Earl's mom got pissed and sent him somewhere, maybe back to Sacromento where he is from. Im guessing when he turns 18, or at the end of this school year, some new earl shit will be coming out.

    Either way until the time comes...take a puff for Earl!


  4. I hope he's just writing tons of new shit.

    Also, Earl > Tyler?
  5. who is earl?
  6. Haha dude, you cant ask me that kind of question.

    But yeah, if I ever saw Earl live at a show....I would fucking phish out.
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Earl Sweatshirt - Kill[/ame]
  8. "he's at home playing xbox"


    he's not at bootcamp or school or whatever so I'm guessing he's at home

    who wants to call his house, I have the number
  9. He's probably at school still :rolleyes:
  10. [ame=]YouTube - My Favorite Earl Verse (CopKiller) - OFWGKTA[/ame]

    Got these faggots shouting' "revolution!"
    I am Earl, the shit's ruthless
    in the booth it's no spoofing' bitch I spit like I'm toothless.
    Fool, OF crew fooled y'all fuits and I'm lyin' like, "fuck truth",
    dropping' shit like pollution.
    Dirty like a bum's un-wiped ass
    now I'm transitionin' from class clown to cash cow.
    Indeed, I got steez to pass out, believe I'm dope,
    a fuckin' breathin' crack house.
    She diseased on her knees, with ass out
    Ace got on a ski-mask, she gon' need knee pads
    Supreme 5-panels and green hats
    Y'all don't come close like Winehouse and rehab,
    Goin' back, know the crafty assholes plateau
    got the game in a motherfuckin' lasso.
    Ride that ho, cruisin' in the music with the attitude of two kids,
    Make 'em respect my two cents,
    Could really give two shits, let alone a dollar.
    My flows make bros go, "whoa". Your mother says, "holla".
    Wack *****s say, "nada". OF the best, no synonym.
    Still my pockets slim like the Olsen twins.
    It's on, off I piss 'em and dismissin' em quick,
    and my sentences stay Oliver Twistin' like Charles Dickens.
    Death wishing' competition, but listen the plot thickens.
    I'm a stand up *****, well fuck it I'm not sitting.


    Earl has sick flow and his use of literary devices in his raps are what really wins me over. I thought I picked up on most of the metaphors while listening but you really don't see the true artistry until you read the lyrics yourself.

    Also, I feel like OFWGKTA listeners overall have a higher IQ than most people, because when I try to show OF to my friends they just don't have the capacity to appreciate it and go back to Mac Miller or some other terrible mainstream jerking rapper....
  11. Tyler said in an interview that his mom got mad at him and sent him to a boarding school but that hes returned to Cali and has been kickin it with OF
  12. He's in fucking boarding school.
  13. I think he's in the Middle East battling terrorists.

    On XBox
  14. Im a hot and bothered astronaut, crashin whyll im jackin off
  15. From Goblin wikipedia -

    "The album was supposed to have the song "Llama" featuring Earl Sweatshirt, however, it was removed due to his mother not giving Tyler permission to use his vocals. Tyler has said that it may, however, be included on his third studio album Wolf"
  16. well after he got in trouble his momma sent him to bel air to live with his uncle
  17. I just hope he doesn't come back brainwashed
  18. Tyler's formspring answer today:

    "Was thebe going away a process? Or one day was he just gone?"

    "i was with him the night before he left, me him and riley. his mom came out and told us to leave and stay away from her son. it hurt my feelings alot, like she hated me. i was just a kid i didnt do anything to her"

    Was thebe going away a process? Or one day was he just gone? | Formspring

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