The Official whats Wrong With Your Car Thread

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  1. Post up what is currently broken on your ride.
    for example
    I was driving last night and murdered a raccoon or possum or something.  Took my radiator with him
    so i ask you blades, whats wrong with your car?

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    nearly 375k miles on an unopened block. burns quite a bit of oil, exhaust smells almost like a two-stroke.
    gonna get that seen to after i finish putting the driveshaft in today. waiting a month for parts sucks.
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    not sure, it's one of a few different possibilities...
    rod bearing failure, valve/lift tick, timing chain, low on
    have a cracked windshield, and a cracked dashboard.  have a dented up front bumper so my hood dont shut resulting from 2 accidents since hanuary.  missing my passenger side mirror, fog lights dont work.  165k miles on the car. other than the clicking it runs perfect, but this clicking could be the end of it.....
  4. OMG My car! No wonder I couldn't find the gas tank....

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  5. Well Tiny Pic won't let me upload the picture of my car. It's my stepdad old car that's been sitting in the back year for 2 years. Tree branche fell on the windshield. Two tires are flat. It's full of spider webs and the last time I cranked it up, it was smoking. So, I need a new windshield, tires, give it an oil change, and something to get rid of the millions of spiders living in there. Good thing I just started working at AutoZone last Friday. I'm going to fix it up on my off days which is Monday and Tuesday. 
  6. I see what you did there
  7. pretty sure my clutch went this morning....ugh
  8. The PCU went and is triggering the anti-theft, cutting the engine after about 50 feet of driving.
  9. let's see
    daily driver needs a new electronic thermostat and fuel cap to get rid of the check engine light, there's a slow oil leak that I have to keep topping up, a/c doesn't work, something wrong with the traction system where it will fault and randomly squeeze one of my calipers (always fun to have the car pull to a side while driving) before disabling itself.  It also won't keep the proper coolant level, but doesn't overheat or lose any so I'm not too worried.
    fun car needs sway bar end link, new strut bearings, alignment, and I think a head gasket cause I get coolant loss and can't find a leak
    granted they're both >180,000 miles but there's always something.  ugh.
    check your oil, if its milky looking you got a gasket leak, if not, could be a purge valve on the radiator or lost to the heater core.
  11. if the heater core was leaking internally, my vents would be a coolant-powered fog machine
    no milkshake in the rad, oil cap looks fine, no idea where the fuck coolant is going
  12. in my '90 325i, i took it up to about 120mph and the coolant light came on in the overhead panel. pulled over and it was spewing coolant everywhere. limped it home, stopping to fill up at every stream/river on the way. got it home, went to bed. got up the next morning expecting a huge puddle under my car, it was dry. checked the water level, it was fine. drove it another 10k or so miles and didn't have another issue with it. still don't know exactly what happened, but my guess is some radiators have a purge valve and mine opened up that night.
  13. probably got an air pocket in the heater core
    no purge valve on an e30, just a 1.4 bar rad cap 
  14. This is the problem, Finding motivation to start rust repairs/full resto.
    Picture 033.jpg
  15. hahaha
    2004 3 Series BMW 325xi
    have my entire passenger side door fucked up with dents that i can't afford to fix
  16. how'd it get dented? im guessing car crash or crazy ex? lol

    i bang dents out with a rubber mallet when possible...then again i own a 96' ram and don't mind pounding the shit outta it
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    when i was a bit younger i accidentally skimmed into someones car. i fled the scene like a prick but i never got caught. a 50 dollar self-body job using the same model paint color and a dent puller fixed it up good
    then karma hit me because i work at home depot, where the parking lot is practically a hill and motherfuckers dont know how to put their carts in the corrals, so i've had my car hit 2-3 times in that parking lot within 7 months. my car isnt THAT bad but i still could've avoided the first incident. and now ive found a good spot to park where rarely am i surrounded by carts or other vehicles despite how busy it gets there
    still about 700 dollars in damage at the moment. in total i'd say it used to be over 1,500 (you know how expensive some auto bodies are). however the body job i did made it look a ton better
  18. My batery wont hold a charge, the hood flies up unless you tie it down and my 5th gear doesnt work. I think it's been in a crazy wreck i just hope my car aint haunted
  19. Rear diff just exploded in my Bronco.
  20. my car is having transmission problems I think they fluid needs to be replaced, I gotta take it to the mechanic soon, I don't really have time to do it myself, but I don't have the money right now to get it fixed.
    My car is auto and when I slow down to almost stopping it takes longer than usual to change into first gear. If I accelerate when it's like this it will rev without moving then suddenly go into gear and maybe screech the tyres a bit. Also If I have to stop suddenly it might stall.

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