The official "what ya got on the grow?"

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sidious, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Well i was just wondering out of all the growing blades, who's got what on the go and how many.......?

    i've got a re-vegged mutant, a half mutant clone........2 good clones, and 2 blueberry's.......

    4 x female Maui Waui
    2 x femenized Blueberry's

    3' X 3' Room
    under 1 x 400w HPS and 1x 150w MH
    temp:- 78.5 fh
    Humidity:- 44%

    well what's ya's got going?.............Peace out.........Sid
  2. 3x early girl clones (maby) had a prob with them when i went away 4 the weekend, they mite live, they may not.
    last week i put some seeds in2 rockwool.
    5x NLxBigBud
    5x White Rhino
    5x Jack Herer

    9 of the 15 have popped up so far, normaly i start seeds in soil then clone them, this is my 1st go at a total hydro grow from day1.
  3. i have 10 plants outdoors, all from bagseeds. All about a foot tall. I started some C99 and BCcouchlock but i got all males.
  4. 2 vegging mothers and 9 clones starting

  5. from wot seeds john?
  6. i cant say everything but i have one mother sofar and 8 northern lights 6 bubblegums 7 white widows but they haven't been sexed yet hoping for atlest one mother apiece,,,,,,,,,,,couple budding ,,,,,,couple vegging ,,,,but looking into getting a bigger light 400 not doing what i want thinking on 1000 hps want to get 3 month turnaround right now looks good but looks like 4.5 month maybe need to work out some bugs how much bud should i get off a plant under a 400 watt mh agrosun bulb white widow x skunk it doesn't look like they are as big as they could be they are not done yet should they grow much in the last month of flowering my first time going this far
  7. two 5 1/2' juicyfruit plants growing outdoor organically
  8. couple skunky kindbud plants in the closet of unknown strain, and 12 amsterdam bubblegum seeds on germinatin.
  9. 4 unknown type indicas (2 possibly ghani& 2 known females! :) )
    started indoors under 4 48inch floros for 5 weeks
    then switched over to a 400 watt sunsystem for flowering another 8 weeks!:)

    2x4x5 closet
    ventalated by fans

  10. no the clones are from the mothers, and the mothers were once clones.
  11. the mothers were seeds once!

    mayb i shud of said wot strain r they?
  12. 2 female bagseeed sativas growing in the great outdoors flowering for ~5 weeks. in 5 gal buckets with compost/poting soil in one and poting soil/native soil in the other. The compost one is doing much better but its in a awsome spot light wise. Will be starting sexing and making moms for next years Ogrow soon!

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