The Official What I Am Grateful For Thread

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    I think it is important for people to say thanks for what they have been given. I know its corny and can be annoying but I honestly believe it can help those who are in bad states of mind.
    I'll start I'm thankful for my family, that I am on summer break and do not have to go to school anymore. im thankful I found weed yesterday even though I dont have any now. Im thankful that an aqauntince of mine agreed to help me get a new dealer. Im thankful my mom is nice to me and feeds me. Im thankful to  God for guiding me.

  2. Just like to say great idea for a thread.

    Although I often moan about my family I'm really grateful for everything they do. I say things about them when I am angry.. I don't really mean it.
    I'm grateful for how much my family actually cares about me.

    I'm grateful for all my friends that continue to be friends with me even though I do messed up stuff and am a bit of a dick sometimes.
  3. Thanks for supporting the thread :smoke:
  4. I am thankful that I get to turbo post on a daily basis on GC forums.
  5. Good thread :)
    I'm thankful for my loving husband, my family, my dogs and our house.

  6. Today I am thankful I am alive, I have an xbox 360 with live, that I have a computer with internet and I am thankful for my relationship with God. :bongin:
  7. Thankful for having a functioning body and brain.
  8. Today I'm grateful for every facility I have access to.
  9. Today I am thankful for marijuana, and my ability to think and reason. Thank you god
  10. I am thankful for this lovely turkey dinner we're about to enjoy.
  11. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for being able to grow and ingest cacti. I am grateful for health in the family. Grateful for drugs. Grateful for having a loving woman next to me. Gratefully Dead.
  12. I'm grateful that i have a car, a roof, a family, and soon i will be living on my own. Its all is something i feel very blessed to have.
  13. I'm thankful to be alive.
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    Music, Defiantly music.
  15. To be alive, family, friends, music, food
  16. fast internet
    a big cock
    shelter, parental support
    a big cock
    my bitches
    started from the bottom now we're here, started from the bottom now the whole team fuckin here
  17. I am grateful for my wife, who has been beside me for 10 years, through heaven and hell and back. My roommate and her daughter, who breathe life into me everyday. My friends both irl and on gc. My life in general, I may complain at times but I am truly blessed at all the universe has bestowed upon me. I just hope that I can give back the amount of love I have been given.
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    I am thankful that I have two parents who love me and gave me everything they could when I was growing up, even if it meant they went without. They continue to give me unconditional love, and are supportive, and proud of anything I do. They are encouraging, and have shaped me into a kind and loving person who shows empathy and thoughtfulness on a daily basis. This is true happiness.
    I am thankful that I woke up this morning.
  19. My son and my family for supporting me when I reallllly need it.

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