The **OFFICIAL** 'What drugs are you on today' Thread

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    Its Monday, 12:40 PM. This thread is for everyone to post what drugs they are consuming during the day. It also will serve as a guide for myself to examine what substances I consume over a period of time.

    - 3 grams of shrooms down the hatch.
    - 25 mg amphetamines.
    - 2 mg of xanax. (offset anxiety during trip)
    - 2 mg of lorazepam.
    - 8 mg of Suboxone.

  2. The only good thing about being sick? Getting a nice bottle of Promethazine w/ Codeine. Right now, I have about 4-6 oz's in my system. I'm leeeeeanin' hard.

    ..awesome thread btw. :]]
  3. The usual for me...

    60mg Adderall and lots of bud smokin :smoke:
  4. tabs (2 blue 10s so far, 4 more for later)
    skelaxin (3 800mg)

    reminder that it is only 1pm where i'm at. who knows what the rest of the day has in store...
  5. so far only weed. might have a few beers tonight though
  6. Finishing this pack of #5 I found thinkin I lost it.

    ohhh yeaaaah.
  7. Whats up GC! So its 1:00 Monday just took like 6 fatty knife:bongin: hits bout to down 2 mg of Xanax, and i got 2 high gravity laggers for later plus some more dank as knife hits. lol its gonna be a good workday.:smoking:
  8. nothing at the moment, probably blaze later though.

    that is a great idea about taking xanax first to offset the xannies though. will you trip with your money's worth of shrooms for doing it before you dose shrooms though?
  9. said fuck school and slept in again restarting a habit i cant afford at the moment..

    so far not shit in my system and it isnt lookin like anything will be today..might get some morphine if hes still got it iono
  10. took 7 of these tylenol with codeine #3s. thinking about popping my 4 vics
  11. that's a shitload of acetaminophen.... i wouldn't lol
  12. take a bunch of tylenol 3 and talk about how violent ill be gimme 11 Excedrin my head will eminem

    im on 90mg Oxycodone, bumping up in a few hours, then smoking a 1/4 of this kush with 3 of my boys :smoking:
  13. Nothing but the sleep depravity of yesterday's 70mg adderall.

    Probably nothing for the day actually, unless I decide to go chill at a friends house, then I'll be trippin' on DXM later.

  14. 1 firecracker

    10mg of klonnys

    fuck my new roomate has a 30 pack of bur.... im really debating asking for 2.... that would destroy me... but shit i already payed 10 for like .4 he had laying cause I was desperate.

    might do some op's later tonigt
  15. Nice man, I guess you're gonna get a perfect recipe for firecrackers since you cant smoke haha. Once you get it down gimme a shout. :smoking:
  16. Just ate another blue of xanax.

    Im frying balls like i dont even know whats going on right now.
  17. absolutely nothing ,and i'm fucking pissed
  18. Exotics, Bubble hash and Kief out the bong, vape and a blunt at 420.
    Blew a 30 mg oc, but isn't hitting me too hard, used to do much more everyday.
  19. 24mgs of suboxone, and some of the best white widow to ever come out of my closet.
  20. Ive been smoking skunk and eating shrooms for thepast 4 days:smoking: at least 3grams

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