The Official "Welcome back Home" Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Mar 13, 2016.

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    This is the official Welcome Home Thread for all our returning members that have left us during the last 3 years after the migrations to the new forum software and the design updates.

    Please feel welcome here and post where you have been lurking instead and what made you decide to come back here. Also, you can post if you've never left us off course :) Every week we will choose a couple of members with the best "Coming Home" or "I never left Home" story and award them with a Grasscity Goodie bag.

    Welcome Home Blade!

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  2. I'm Back Miss the Heck out of all my Friends .....
    Welcome Back Everyone.. LOL...
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  3. I never left...My spot was reserved centuries ago by Those Who Came Before Us.

    ...It just took a bit to take My Seat. I've always been here, some might even say...I was born here in 0AD.

    Oh yeah, went there again.:coolalt:
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  4. I was born around 14,000 BCE, and little do you know... I'm your real father.
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  5. was around several years ago. got off the internet for a while and now am a member! I remember the days of the green bar above the avatar pics!
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  6. Can't believe I forgot about this place! So good to be back.
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  7. Eyyy! What's been going on here? :pimp:
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  8. I typed out this huge paragraph about why I keep coming back to GC, I deleted it cause I got high.... And that's why I'll always be back cause this place makes me high. :bongin:
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  9. A lot of great blades and come and gone. Some come back, some don't.

    I miss a lot of blades, wish they'd return.

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  10. Yeah, I remember when the "You Laugh You Lose" thread used to have 3 pages of new posts each day. Now we are lucky if there are any new posts each day. I never left, btw. I liked having Rep (Is that what it was called? It's been a while...the little green bars that you got rated for each time someone liked one of your posts.) I think it encouraged people to "talk" more.
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    Yeah Ive been gone for awhile myself just really now coming back around stopped threw the city here and there over the last year this place has definitely changed from when I first joined six years ago
    although a lot of it is a blur

    I do remember a time when there was like 2 or 3 threads a day about people getting robbed by there dealers or trying to buy weed
    I too liked the rep system

    "bill dauterive has something to say"
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  12. tdot toker wb dude
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  13. Back to use the Forums full force for growing season in canada!!!
    Since 2006. I went back and read my posts from so many years ago and I am so Embarrassed of them wish I could delete them all. Anyone experienced this?
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    So I never left home. This has always been home for me. Even before the account. I made a few close friends here, some that took me to places I never thought I could go. I've learned a lot growing up here on these forums. Prior to this place I was a depressed wreck, using drugs to cope with a long standing disrespect for myself, my well being, and those that love me.

    I came out of depression with a simple choice. It was simple but it took a long time to muster the courage to make it. Courage that I never could have garnered without this place, and the people that inhabit it. That's why this island city is my home.

    I don't come around much any more because of how much my life has changed. Two years ago I found out that I was having a son with a strange woman that I hardly knew. Just being out of college, with $25k in debt and a low paying job, I didn't know what the hell I was going to do. I was lost. I turned to home and found solace here. Being in this place helped me to find the courage to face the challenge in front of me. Now, with my son at a year and half, I paid off my student loans, got my first mortgage, doubled my salary, formed a good (working) relationship with the mother of my son, and have already formed a relationship with my son that any father hopes to have, one of love and selflessness.

    A huge portion of my success I owe to my father and this place (and some of the people I've met here).

    Thanks for being around blades.

    It still brings a tear to my eye thinking about how much this one forum has impacted my life.
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  15. Thank you!

    I may have been MIA for some time, but it sure does feel good to be back.

    Love this place and all of you! :gc_rocks:

    Welcome to all the new members and hello to all the ones I haven't seen in forever. I hope to be sticking around a lot more now.
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  16. Forgive me SJ for I have sinned..

    I usually try to stop by here at least once a year, but this time around I hope to make it a little more permanent.

    Coming up on my 7 year GC-versary, wow!
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  17. Haha hey man. I remember you from yeaaars ago. Were always picking up some or other type of chronic IIRC. Out Montana way maybe.

    Peace! :smoking:
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  18. Not montana, but that's okay :p

    I definitely remember your name though!
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  19. most of the time i dont even know where i am.......
    often this place has been home.....
    tho like the rest of my life i rarely stay still for long..... so i come and i go.....
    but never so far i cant stop by and say hello....
    and when i really need interaction.... this is the place i go....
    hell there was a time i was going thru some serious shit.... haddent been on the net in a couple yrs....
    and this was the first place i came... and found exactly what i needed....
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  20. Oh my gosh I was forcibly gone for like 6+ months but I've Ben back for a few days and just saw this thread :3

    Very nice idea for a thread, honestly. I had only been gone 6 months but that stills feels like (and lets be real: it sooooo is) forever and a day.. It looks guiiiite different from how I remember it, at least on mobile.

    I've had different version of this feeling many times these past few days but.. It keeps hitting home pretty hard how much I miss all you guys and your awesome faces..

    It's nice to know that so many of you are still here and it's beautiful and it gives me the feelz so I'm just gonna smoke a bowl and rejoice about it, no worries--

    Aha.. I only ramble so because this makes me feel so strongly.. Stronglygoodly and hopefullybountifully optimistic about smoking weed and smiling and reconnecting over many bowls to come :smoke:

    P.s. I know I wasn't really gone for thaaaat long, and everything's still faaaaiiirly similar, but.. Ahahaha, well, I was also on a forced t-break for the last 6 months so now I'm getting baked again as of late and it's like two rejuvenations-- two revivals even-- washing over me together and in warming waves :smoke:

    Not gonna lie I'm just ridiculously high off of some Girl Scout Cookies and it feels too good to know all y'all have let the grass on the lawns of our fair city stay nice and dank :smoke:

    I love you all ✨
    Not even just plantonically-- you guys turn my stubby green digressions into the frostiest of calyxes :smoke: ❤️ :smoke:

    So yes, thank you for having a thread like this.. Somewhere to really work through the mixedelicious bag of emotions of diving back into the bakéd world so filled with buddies

    I definitely just need to smoke way more bowls riiiight now :smoke:
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