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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stoned_24/7, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Ok ive seen some scattered dream threads here & there so I thought I would make on place for all you weird dream needs..

    Ill start us off with my robot dream that I have quite frequently

    Okay starts off im in my elementary school, I am wearing tighty whities (lol) & a very small shirt way to small, I am about 7 feet tall, its show & tell time & Its my turn but I brought nothing.. Then my mind skips everything & school is ending im waiting for my mom to pick me up, & she is the last person there, I get in were driving home & she passes my street I go mom we missed the road for are house, Then she rips her face off & tears the passenger door off the car & tries to push me out the car well I end up taking out a shotgun & shooting robo-mom in the face the car swerves, we hit a pole she goes flying out a helicopter comes & blows her up, Then right about now I wake up in cold sweat..

    So lets hear yours :smoke:
  2. Let me ask you, what does the dream mean to you?

    What emotions were you feeling during this dream?

    Happy? Sad? Confused? Embarrassed?

    These can all be clues to find the latent content of your dream.

    Were you angry at your mother previously? Do you perhaps seriously dislike her and want her to be a robo-mom so you can kill her?

    Or perhaps your strong sexual desire towards your mother simply cannot be filled and all of that psychic energy is frustrating your unconscious mind and is played out in this dream.

    I think you need to identify with your father so you can use him to project your sexual desires to your mother and perhaps stop having very weird dreams about her.

    Please read my work: Interpertations of Dreams for further information.

    -- Siggy
  3. I usually just wake up & smoke after that dream... dont really think about it just wake up & smoke... but if there were to be an emotion itd probably be confused
  4. i just wanted to say your dreams are messed up what ever happened about dreaming about the girl next door?

    also did you know weed can stop you from having dreams
  5. I had a dream that a shroom ate me to get high.

    Well, no, but that would be awesome :smoking::smoking:
  6. Last night I had a dream that I married my cousins husband...except I don't know if they were like, married and then divorced or I met him first or what.

    It was suuuper weird.
  7. to not dream is to be dead. you just forget them faster with weed
  8. LOL thats some incest there.
  9. one time i had a dream that it was the first day of college and the dean sent me back to my senior year and when i got to my school it turned out vampires had taken it over and me and some class mates had to fight them i was running from a vampire then i woke up that shit was freaky and i had this other dream where i was alone in my room with this girl from my school and me and her were doing the deed and i thought it was real and when i woke up i expected her to be there because it felt hella real

  10. wet dream allert!!!
  11. it's not really the weirdest, but last night i dreamt that the drinking water was contaminated with a deadly poison. a lot of people i knew were very ill or already dead. my pet sugar gliders were dead. then in the middle of grieving and worrying, i was suddenly in south africa in a hut full of dead and dying africans on beds. there was one man standing, he seemed to be caring for the people. i made a comment to him, something like, "the devil is in africa, all the most horrible diseases come from this place." he looked up at me and said, yes the devil is in africa. i saw his eyes, and they were bright lime-green, with no pupil. he told me he was the devil. my dream becomes fuzzy at this point, but i distinctly remember the african devil cutting open the chest of one of the people dying and taking a bite of his heart. then suddenly i was back in my town, everyone was still dying. i understood then, that i had brought some disease from africa and somehow contaminated the water in the united states. i felt guilt because i was the reason everyone was dying.

    and that was the end of the dream.
  12. deep man deep
  13. i dont know what i dream about but i always wake up with a boner. . .
  14. that indeed would be me in a man thong....
  15. Having sex with a cactus, me in a videogame on the preschool playground i played on, alot of dreams about oddly seeing other people, random and good friends, having sex next to and/or near me, and alot of ones where i am running away/scared of something. I don't lucid dream I just write down my dreams after I wake up. My dreams are so vivid i lose touch with reality sometimes. Nothing really big, just like I will think I called someone back or something when I haven't and more recently I thought all my food was replaced with cinnamon flavored organic chips. When I opened my pantry I was like what the fuck? where is the cinnamon then i slowly realized what happened.
    Oh p.s. anyone with recurring dream patterns or themes should research them online. It's really neat stuff.
  16. I went looking through my dream journal for the weirdest one, but I had to call it a tie:


    Wreck with guy and wife after rain takes visibility to 0. Find ourselves backwards on an exit ramp. Hidden compartment in back door. Drive mom's SUV which automatically fucking takes off, run two stop signs as I'm trying to figure the buttons out. See house with taller version of me, three trampolines, white cat acts strangely. False awakening, "sounds like hidden delerium." Phone convo with Travis saying "it's me dawg." Shoot balls into tiny goal, toddler mcbadass makes it second shot.


    In library when a pool is found Zelda style with 3 chests underwater. Can't change into zora armor or find iron boots while another kid with neither picks a less-fancy chest. Some lady laments my friend (Ricky?) throwing something of hers away although it was worth little. She then sets out to buy a pocket book. I try on hats or something and escort handicapped guy to checkout whereupon I notice a can-opener has cut through a notebook. I ask for directions to get another and he says red and points. After a little searching I return to an impatient girl at register. Leaving I find myself following my mom and walking with PJ. He lights a baccer and I pack mine (27's?). Futher along, we see planes with security standing on top staring at us. Mom is attacked and PJ & I attempt to fight crazy monk. Another dream is recalled that driving into downtown someone chucks a grey-bitch cat out the car and she gets in a couple skirmishes before we get in an ordeal with some dude packin heat. He shoots my friend.

    I didn't change any of the language...I tend to write a little fucked up in the morning and the first words that come to my mind to describe the dream stick.
  17. That is how my dreams tend to be, just tons of random things occuring that I don't pay attention to. I just observe anything and am like "Ok, I'll just keep doing what instinct tells me to do." And it's even weirder since I had one dream where I was at a party as me, but then I see me at the party and take a second to inspect myself. It's weird and fascinating at the same time.
  18. well a couple times ive had this dream where were in a world thats much like ours except its ok for people to smoke TOBACCO out of bubblers and shit in public. pretty random i know but the only part i really remember was me and my parents are just walkin at night by this car repair shop. the repair shop is on a hill and on the regular level of road theres just cars and intersections and shit. This place is an actual place, in Marin (california). now its night, and im with my parents, and i think my brother is smoking tobacco out of his bubbler or pipe or w/e. and im with them and im smoking weed. suddenly the sky turns purple and shit and its like the aurora borealis and my mom looks at me and is like why r ur eyes red. so shes like show me ur eyes and i do and then she knows im smokin weed. I then drop my bubb, and turn and run. then i feel like the gravity has been switched up or somethin, while im running/jumping down this hill. I jump down like a quarter of the way, then i jump again, getting higher and higher each jump, then on the last jump i get really high in the air and just feel like im floating for a split second. then i almost hit the ground and the fence at the bottom, and wake up in a cold sweat. crazy shit
    if anyone could try to explain this please do
  19. Thats^^^ fucking crazy thats like fuckin weird...I have this dream that am outside my house on my porch and crazy shit comes outta now where and im like fucking killing them with like axes and shit its fucking crazy and i find like survivors in town weird fuckin shit...
  20. In mine, I'm always fucking The Predator. Mask on, of course.

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