THE OFFICIAL: waterfalls vs grav bong thread!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by IamDaBeast, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. post whether u like grav bongs or water falls more. me personally, i love to put my glass bowl and perc in a gatorade cap, then screwing it on once its full of water, so its a water cooled watefall bong that hits sooooooo smooth:smoking: i got about 1 gram left of sum KB so ima go do a few bongloads:hello:
  2. funny you made this. my bong broke the other day so i had to make a g bong. well, to mix it up i decided to make a waterfall. i think waterfalls are cool
  3. I like using both, but I do tend to get some better pulls and whtnot using a waterfall.

    Both are fine by me though =)
  4. Gravity bong for parties, waterfall for me.
  5. really good suggestions ^^
  6. shouldnt this be in rec. use or seasoned tokers?
  7. well i am ripped off some waterfalls so i know where my vote rolls
  8. both work fine, depends on what im doing/going to be doing later
  9. yeah i usually use either J's or my waterfall :p
  10. Both use gravity. Wrong Forum.

    Answer: Do you want a bucket or constantly refilling a bottle?

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