the OFFICIAL waffle appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by Alexyonfire!, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Seriously guys, waffles are one of the dankest food known to man..
    we have appreciation threads for all these drugs...
    So who in the city loves them some waffles?



  2. It's been done :)

  3. They look great, but two bites in you decide that you've put too much syrup on it, and now it's a big soaking piece of sugar bread.

    Yek :|
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    I UTFSE.

    Edit: didnt see that one at the bottom....
  5. We tottally should have both on the front page :) :)

  6. i believe '' BURNT WAFFLE''

    has a following<-------------:p

    a flock,,,,
  7. didnt burntwaffle already make a waffle appreciation thread
  8. What, like the one repeatedly referenced in this thread already?

  9. sorry didnt read thread :p
  10. i prefer pancakes. noone fucks with a pancake

  11. Waffles are actually one of my least favorite breakfast foods. They are to hard to butter, and odd to eat. It seems like someone grabbed a pancake and asked themselves "how could I fully and completely fuck this up?".
  12. i know man right? toaster strudel FTW
  13. I like a nice English Muffin

  14. ohhhhh man. me too.

    I just made a omlete using pepperjack cheese :love::love::yummy:
  15. there's this place in harlem called silvia's that serve waffles with fried chicken. you'd think its a weird combo but its actually one of the best meals i've had in my life. i could go for one right now...

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