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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by BMISS, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Silly to talk about suspending Khabib and doing nothing to Conor when Conor hit people and Khabib didn't. Just because he jumped the cage? Every winning fighter pretty much jumps the cage. It's pretty damn common. Double standard much?
  2. this sums up how I feel. I can’t believe he thought it would feel better to jump the fence and fight some friend of his enemy, whom he JUST BEAT. Khabib should’ve stood above Conor and let a few more pictures of the disgrace on Mickey’s face after losing get taken.
    I thought it was very exciting and entertaining to watch what went down after the fight, and wasn’t pissed off because I’m not into it like that. BUT I was shaking my head the whole time thinking “man, I’m glad some other dumb fuck can do stuff like that so I can sit here and watch and laugh.

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  3. :cop:Very bloody
  4. Fascinating interaction, on many levels. A meeting with the Russian emperor, you see how their eye contact was, both for the Nurmagomedovs and for Putin? Tense, direct. Addressed the right stuff. Fascinating.

    @Praetorian , given our disagreement, I'm curious what you peeled from the conversation, for or against our varying points. And that's a discussion I'm happy to have in public, btw, if you'd be interested in continuing it, I certainly am.

    Honor in competition, what it means, how we define it, and what reactions we think are worthy or not. I want to clarify, in case I came across differently, that I didn't like the way Conor went after family and faith, and that GSP is for me the gold standard for how to behave as a martial artist. I simply find Conor's lack of limits and mind battle both fair ground and an intelligent, if risky, strategy.
    I view competition (and it's brother hatred) as a cold emotion, rather than a hot emotion, where calculation for ultimate victory takes precedence over all else
  5. LOL thats so funny I actually watched it a few times just so I could watch their faces individually. Putin was chill as fuck, the Nurmagomedovs were very much on edge. When Putin said that he thought his father should go light on him for jumping over the ring but reiterated our point that holding ones composure is preferred, even for a x KGB.
  6. I will also tell you as someone who can talk his fair share of shit and have brought many people to tears or cuffs in my life, you must carefully gauge the opponent. Conor seems to lack that ability and has only one tool, when you have nothing but a hammer everything appears to be a nail. The thing with Conor is we all know he has always doing it to sell tickets and we liked it because it wasn't personal or within reason. As soon as he started after Khabibs country and religion he lost a lot of public backing, not mine. When he went after his family and threatened his life I think he lost all respect from 90% of all people not Irish. This is a sport and only work after all. I think the real issue is the UFC has a lot riding on Conor and it is looking more and more like his gig is up and the UFC just might have another Ronda situation on their hands. Conor does not have many options from here in my opinion. If he fights Mr. Cringe "el cucuy" most people myself included thinks he will again get wrecked. His only real option is to fight someone he has already or lose. Another one or two loses and his draw I think will be gone and he will be sitting in a warehouse full of whiskey that will age and age and age lol.
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    I...get it.

    If you live anywhere Russia, when Vladimir Putin says "I'm coming to visit", you fall in line and have the man pay you a visit. Whether you like it or not. :smoke:

    Ridiculous McGregor would consider that "ass licking" , but he sadly fails to realize that if he lived in Putin Russia, his entire family would have been doing the exact same. (Given his behavior, his family would have been doing far worse)
    Just like they have been "ass licking" the English, for as long as they held reign over their lands.

    Glad to see he got wrecked the way he did.

    Super glad to see the majority of the internet agreeing with it.
  8. Spittin a lot of wisdom recently sirrrrrr
  9. After seeing the pay per view numbers I think Khabib should be a little more understanding of the antics though lol $$$$$ made more money in 4 rounds then he did in 26 fights... cha ching. Good for him. Conor just needs to leave the family out of it next time, and im starting to think there will be a next time, too much money to be had. The russian vs Ireland thing was smart for sure, more ppv than anyone in history if i'm not mistaken. Too bad it ended so negatively it would've been way cool to see it in Russia or Ireland.... no fooookn way that's happening though.

    What do you guys think of DC vs Lewis? Does this mean Brock is out of the picture? Couldn't shake the roids? Im kinda thinking this is a set up to DC vs Jones 3 for the grande finale for dc.
  10. Lewis is out of his depth on this one. DC is a much more well-rounded fighter.

    HW is a very shallow division, and the only reason Lewis is getting a title shot is because he beat some dude named Volkov.

    The current Bellator HW tournament has more star power than the UFC HW division.

    Jon Jones needs to return to the sport, massacre whoever's on top of HW, and just rule as the undisputed king of all MMA.

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  11. I can't believe there is even talk of giving McGregor a rematch immediately. For what reason?

    Dude was away from the sport for 2 years, then he gets back and gets dominated and tapped in a fight by the reigning champion.

    Anyone who supports this instant rematch, needs to just come out and say: "Because I only believe in money."
    Otherwise, McChicken needs to have at least 2 more fights to deserve a shot.

    Send his ass back to the line and have him earn his next shot, if he can.


    Tony Ferguson is the only real next contender.

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