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The official UFC/MMA thread...

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by BMISS, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. It wasnt to do with rank.
    -Commission pulled Holloway due to not thinking he could safely make weight.
    - Next choice was pettis (he was already without an opponent as Chiessa was cut in the bus attack) he wanted more money.
    - Next choice was Felder, This one NYAC wouldnt allow because he wasnt ranked (the AC always has a responsibility to ensure fair match making, the fact that its incredibly rare that they ever veto a match is a testament to the legitimacy of UFC matchmaking) and in this case the rankings are how they decided to judge him as having no chance of winning. Perhaps in the days before rankings they would have come to the same conclusion but just been more abstract in justifying it- Nevada stopped Mark Hunt fighting Butterbean in 2006 in a pride event (who didnt have rankings) on the grounds of it not being a fair fight.
    - Then it came to raging Al, weigh ins had closed when he got the offer, he'd weighed in at 155.2 in underwear because at the time he had a none title fight and only needed to make 156. He couldnt win the belt becuase he didnt make 155, nothing to do with rankings. Was a bit of a shitter they didnt let him re weigh in without his underwear.

    but I mean really for the last 6 days since Tony pulled out realistically the belt was always khabibs, it was barley worth planning for the eventualities of what happened if anyone beat him.
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  2. I understand what you're saying but I just watched the event and they did not mention anything about Al not being eligible for the belt. Just the opposite. They said he had a shot at the belt. I don't think that the announcers misspoke that but maybe.
  3. Im watching it myself now, my previous comments we're based on what Dana had said pre fight (if al wins we'll treat him like the champion and deal with the commission later)
    The only time its mentioned on the broadcast is on the tale of the tape anik says nyac will not recognise him as the champion if he wins. I take that to mean Dana would still put the belt on him
  4. Actually in the beginning intro when Joe is talking to the camera he mentions that Al now has a shot at the title. I'm not sure of the time stamp but it's there.

  5. Hilarious

    Powerful Brandon Schaub
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  6. Fucking Brendan "I do comedy now" schaub!
    That huyis so cringey sometimes.
    I'm really into Chael sonnen's podcast atm.
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  7. OMFG!! Rogan had me rolling talking about X-arm with Bas Ruttan. Arm wrestling with mma... =)
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  8. Lol yeah, that was a good podcast though to be honest. I think Bas Rutten is a good guest because he has alot of interesting things to say but doesn't hijack the conversation.
    Schaub really gets on my nerves now. It's like he has no personality and is a "yes man" to Joe Rogan. The fact he thinks that he's a comedian was the final straw.
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  9. I like Schaub.

    I don't follow him outside of Rogan's podcast, but I find he's frequently funny when he's on there.
    He is no Richard Pryor, but for a sports guy, he does pretty well.

    The dude is a handsome, ex UFC heavyweight who beat Gonzaga, Mitrione, and Crocop during his sting with the organization, before getting out early and healthy.
    Now he's officially ballin, doing what he loves in sunny CA, and he's BFF with Joe Rogan and Edgy Brah.

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  10. The win over mitrione only looks better with time too- at the time I remember thinking both we're pretty medicore fighters that'd never get to the top- but looking at who he's beat since Mitrione has actually gotten pretty dam good, if he were to come back to the UFC now or in the near future (especially if he wins the bellator tournament) I'd be inclined to rank him somewhere around 5 in the heavyweight division and match him up with someone like Volkov (3)
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  11. F*** all this, can anyone tell me when CM Punk is going back to the UFC and redeem himself? U can't tell me he's gonna leave the score at 0-1.
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  12. Gusta is on jre.
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  13. #30573 Praetorian, Apr 17, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
    I wouldn't hold it against Punk if he called it quits with MMA, at least in the UFC.

    I understand not wanting to leave on a loss, but Mickey basically made him look insignificant during their fight.

    Much like his entry into the UFC, any return of Punk in the MMA cage will be on star power alone.

  14. I always had a soft spot for Mitrione, ever since The Ultimate Fighter where the rest of the guys ganged up on him a lot. He was the "weird" guy everyone went after.


    Glad to see him doing as well as he is, and many are right to favor him in the Bellator tournament.
  15. There is talk that he will be on a card this year. I guess he's still training.

    Anyone who knows MMA knows that his debut was way too rushed. He should have trained longer and fought lower competition a few times. He's obviously a decent athlete. I think the dude might impress next time out possibly. It's not like you can't learn jujitsu over time.
  16. The emperor still commands

  17. Ol' Fedor, not the best tactician but always entertaining.

  18. Good week for the Emelianenkos. Aleks picks up a k.o. win as well, and Khabib gets a word in @ the start.

  19. Conrad is such an inspiration. A shining beacon of excellence to us all.

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