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The official UFC/MMA thread...

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by BMISS, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Bisping gsp is a joke...
    Cody tj will be epic though... he's pretty good is Cody garbrandt
    Your not wrong abiut cutelaba...
    I like gaetche or however ya spell it atm imo he's gonna be top boy soon.
    If like to see khabib fight someone decent this time too.

    I thought it was a farce too tbh may just played with him to tire him out and then battered him. Easy money for both.

    Nah Connor was allowed to do a few things by Floyd to see how "good/strong he was when he realised he had nothing to offer he turned it on enough to rough Greg's up without taking any damage.

    Your right in your last paragraph I don't rate Connor tbh he's a prick. And a very basic fighter. He's got a big left hand and he's lanky that's about the sum of what he has to offer. Almost all of his recent opponents shud have kicked his teeth in...

  2. Yikes, I'm a big Nunes fan, but Valentina has a point. I could see them rematching this quickly.
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  3. It's finally OFFICIAL :biggrin:

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  4. wonder what the excuse is going to be this time..
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  5. He's a fucking cheat always has been imo.
    Dc shud get his title back...

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  6. Seems like everything is all set, Jones win over DC is now a NC and DC will be getting his belt back :laughing:
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  7. I don't hate Jon Jones but my God has it all just been sickening to watch. Now we can Focus on DC fighting Oezdemir/Gusta :mellow:
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  8. 205 needs someone else.

    DC keeping that belt is the least interesting thing that can happen to that division.
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  9. I don't get the hating on him at all.
    He's just better then everyone at everything.
    Dc ain't the most interesting to watch for sure but he gets the job done every time and with little damage received which is what this game is all about. That is all gsp did for 10 yrs straight but yet everyone sucks him off.

    Jones was his only Achilles heel and he is a cheater. I hope he never fights a professional fight again in his life. Cheating prick.

    I don't think a lot will happen in that division till some new blood appears. Your bang on about that man.

    I need to see khabib smash that Irish pricks face in but he is a bit of a sell out atm haha.
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    DC is definitely a tough guy with some admirable weapons under his belt, mainly wrestling, but I don't think he would be holding the belt at 205, were it as competitive as say....155-185.

    I'm a big fan of Jon Jones because I truly consider him the real alpha @ 205, maybe even at Heavyweight. The steroid bit is/was an idiotic and irresponsible mistake, and will now cost him dearly again.
    I do however still believe that JJ without steroids can run 205 easily.
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  11. Oliver Stone or Quentin Tarantino need to make a rated R movie:


    Some wiiiiild looking mfkr plays Donald Cerrone, in a super raw movie about his life.

    You see everything: the blood, the bones, the booze, the sex, the wild shit on the ranch, the training, the sex, the drugs, the Las Vegas, the UFC, the money, the sex.....everything.
    The life of Cowboy Cerrone, compressed into a hypercharged 2 hour movie or a badass HBO 1season.

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