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The official UFC/MMA thread...

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by BMISS, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. :D i know some of you guys are fans of the ufc/mma (fighting).

    sign on to this thread, and we can talk about the sport we love.
  2. no one?
  3. favorite sport of all time, just got done watching the VERY dissapointing silva, cote fight too bad it ended like that
  4. silva didn't seem like the same fighter....but it was a decent fight.
  5. well cote has some heavy hands (still no where silva's level) i think he was just playing it smart, unlike the 205 fight the 185 belt is most important to him. but i was so dissapointed to see it go down like that.

    what do you think about gsp vs bj penn? also one of those guys vs thiago alves???
  6. i think bj takes this fight. in the first fight, he picked apart gsp in stand up the first round but gassed and allowed gsp to get the take downs the next two rounds.

    i think an in shape bj beats gsp 6 times out of 10.

    i must admit, i picked kos over alves. alves is tough but i don't think he's a good enough fighter to beat gsp or bj. also, i kinda dislike the guy because of his "suspected" juicing.
  7. thats exactly how i feel, im a bj penn fan myself, and i cant wait till january and wow dude, i def bet koschek over alves too. and i dislike him because he missed weight in the matt hughs fight. i think anyone who is getting paid the money they are getting paid should do a little fucking better. same with travis lutter, and others. who are some of your favorite fighters and who do you dislike

    anderson silva's my favorite but i love to watch couture, franklin, forrest griffin, gotta rep spencer fisher cause he is from my parts, i like kurt pelligrino, bj penn tons of others.

    i never really cared for ortiz, im quickly hating lesnar due to his wwe "putting on a show" attitude (someone who recieved fame way too early before hardly having a record or proving himself, just like slice) never really cared for matt hughs either.

    im ready to see couture slam brocks shit

    if you watch WEC im a pretty big fan of faber, and torres
  8. i'd say my top 5 fav current fighters are:
    - bj
    - kenflo
    - babalu
    - vera
    - wandy
  9. btw, clay guida will not be fighting nick diaz due to injury...
  10. yeah i forgot about kenny, big fan as well, im indifferent about the truth until i see something that really opens my eye to him.

    clay guida haha he cracks me up, he ALWAYS manages to push his way into the camera during other fighters entrances. im not a huge fan of nicks attitude seems young and immature but his jits game is nice. he surprises me everytime
  11. Anybody watch the WEC show last night? Urijah Faber got knocked out in the first round and lost the belt to Mark Brown. Also Paulo Filho lost to Chael Sonnen... Filho looked lost in the last round or so... Kept staring off into the crowd or something. Was pretty weird. Jens Pulver also got knocked in around a minute or so of the first round. Some pretty exciting fights though...
  12. i love mma and am an mma fighter myself

    but the ufc is total sellout bullshit... it is just about
    who you know and if youre willing to suck the sponsors'
  13. yeah i watched it, i was QUITE surprised, however its MIKE brown, not mark, and i say to hell with paulo, everything he did before the fight was fucked up. and everything he did during the fight SUCKED. he deserved to lose. he's lucky he got that belt, he wont hold it long. also very surprised about little evil. as much as he has proven himself in the ufc, and wec, his back is against a wall and he needs to go back to the drawing board.

    i disagree, and i think you would disagree if you were in the ufc or got a chance to be on the UF show... tell me with a straight face, you wouldnt take it? sometimes when your on the bottom, you have to suck a little sponsor cock (figuratively speaking) you work your way up. there have been people in the ufc that train with world class people at world class gyms, and their are people given the shot, who train in their garage or some local hole in the wall down the street. some fighters just dont want to put their pride down like that. but would you call chuck liddell a sell out? randy couture? i sure wouldnt. no matter how much dick they had to suck to get there, they made it, and turned it into "their world" this is a chance in a lifetime opportunity for MILLIONS of young guys, if you were the president of the ufc, and you were looking at 2 resumes that were virtually the same, but one kid, was energetic, and willing to learn ANYTHING someone teaches and the other kid was cocky, arrogant, and thought something should be given to him. (junie uf8) which would you choose?

    id also like to thank you guys for coming to this thread up until now it was just me and BMISS, now that we have some more activity, lets hear some predictions on the 15th!
  14. I wasn't surprised that Mike won, although I was surprised by how quickly it happened. He's no joke, it's just that he's not well known. He's just as skilled as Urijah, except for hand speed, and he's bigger and stronger. That means he nullifies Urijah's biggest strength which is wrestling. 100% agree with you about Paolo. He's just not the same fighter without the juice and when he's hooked on drugs. Jens loss didn't surpise me, either. Leonard is a great fighter, but like Brown he's just unknown. He also trains at an amazing camp, Greg Jackson's (same camp as GSP and Rashad Evans.)

    Hell yeah. I've started training jiu jitsu and muay thai. I'll be picking up wrestling soon. I do it partly because I like to fight, but also because I want to work my way up the ladder and make a boatload of cash. Whether or not that happens... well, we'll see, but I'll be working my ass off to do it. Beats forty a week any fuckin day.

    MMA ftmfw :devious:

    Nov 15 has a lot fights that are hard to call... Will Randy's gameplan be good enough to handle Brock's wrestling and athleticism and size? We'll see. Does Brock have the conditioning to go into the later rounds if Randy manages to drag him into deep waters? We'll see. Will age FINALLY catch Randy? Maybe. Could go either way. Too hard to call since we don't know enough about Brock.

    If Stevenson can hold Kenny down he'll win. If Kenny can stay on his feet he'll pick Joe Daddy apart. And even if Stevenson get's Kenny down, Kenny might sub him. I'm picking Kenny, but it'll be a good scrap.

    Don't know enough about the other fighters to call the other fights.
  15. D'oh! Yeah, I meant Mike, don't know why I put Mark... And yeah, from what I've read that was supposed to be Paulo's last fight for WEC anyway so maybe thats why he came in overweight and was just kinda hanging out for the fight.
  16. UFC is awesome. I was watching some other fighting show I forget what it was it wasnt pride and I swear the guys could woop any UFC fighters butt they were so fast it was unbelievable it almost seemed like they fast forwarded it they were so quick.The matches never lasted more than a minute or 2. I dont think a UFC fighter would stand a chance with these guys they were so lighting quick. If I remember what it was called ill tell you you guys have to see it its insane. If you like UFC you would absolutely love it its way faster paced.
  17. just curious if you guys knew that chris leben had tested positive for steroids after the fight in england with bisping.

  18. i know Mike's no joke or else he wouldnt be up enough in ranks to hold the belt, but i still didnt see it going down like that.

    as for the lesnar couture fight, i realize anything could happen but, lesnars strength is power, and wrestling, i wouldnt say athletisism because ive yet to see a true test of his cardio and endurance. any old school mma fan knows, anything could happen, but NEVER bet against couture. not to mention his wrestling background is VERY extensive as well, and his power is always there. his style is greco roman, which has been proven to best suit the mma style. when lesnar first came to the ufc, i wanted to see him do good. when he lost to mir and tipped his hat, my confidence only went up, thinking he was gonna learn from his mistakes and do better, but after the heath herring fight, i think its OBVIOUS he is a showboat, and needs to go back to the organization, that would actually pay you for "riding someone like a horse" with time left on the clock and grabbing the mic, yelling "do you see me now" fuck that. you have won ONE fight. he is UFC'S kimbo slice and i think he will realize what he's got himself into when he goes up against couture. as for his age... i still have serious faith in the fact, that age= experience and in mma experience= win. like i said its always a possibility, but i think couture will put him where he blongs.

    yeah well the story behind this is, chael got robbed last fight, he was DOMINATING, but thats what mma is all about. anyway once he got his rematch (title fight) chael promised his grandfather on his death bed he would win the belt. paulo came in WAY over weight like he didnt even try. giving chael no way to win the belt back. what a sack of shit, he weighed in at 192... wtf?

    and yeah leben just lost another fan.
  19. ^ i wouldn't say that leben lost me as a fan...but i am disappointed by it.

    but i've also heard fighters say over half are prolly juicing - if nothing else, just to help with injuries..
  20. i know yall watched that couture(however you spell his name) lesnar fight. couture would have had him if he had more weight on him.

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