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  1. ok, finally im deciding to make an official stash spot thread, so that non of these threads will ever roam GC again. im sick of it. it hasnt been much of a problem latley, but still. if i could get EVERYONE POSSIBLE to add to this post, that would help.
    ok this is what you should post -
    a) where is your stash spot?
    b) what is in your stash?

    try to include pictures if you can. :hello: :smoking:
  2. Sorry dude but I don't think this is gonna take off... especially not enough to be a sticky...

    I also don't recall any stash spot posts... ever, really....

    Did I miss something?
  3. Yeah, the worst way to go about getting a thread stickied is asking for it.

    But, here is a quick cellphone pic of my stash jar, air tight and only $3:

  4. dont know why but it wont let me attach the same picture twice... but my stash jar can be found here: its down at the bottom. i hide all of my stuff in the back of my guitar amp. works out nicely
  5. well I just keep my bud on my desk or in my top drawer. I usually leave bongs grinder etc sitting around.
  6. In the bag in my pocket.
  7. I think there are like 4 threads on this but i guess i'll post again...
    Here is mine:

    100% airtight, 100% smell-proof. Can fit just about a quarter in the small one; perfect.

    Just toss it in my closet, dont hide it anywhere special
  8. Usually just keep it in whatever baggy it comes in, have my CCG spoon and little metal bowl there too.....and I keep it in a spare bay above my cd burner inside my computer.
  9. Its not an 'offical' thread unless done by (or in collaberation with) a GC mod
  10. i have a little tupperware container that i store my buds in. its got a rubber gasket and clips on the side that make it super tight and secure. its almost too hard to open. it perfectly fits a 1/4th, which is what i have packed in there right now. my roller, grinder, stash box and papers are all just shoved in the inside pocket of a messenger bag i never use that. i put it in between my wall and my bed, out of sight.
  11. I have posted pics of my stash box before, but it has a pipe, papers, lighter, grinder, and room for bud. It is a small wooden box that fits into most pockets. i keep it next to the Lazboy in the family room. JOE>
  12. an Altoid box for now but i Plan on getting a stash box soon
  13. I'll say it for like the 1293243th time, I stash all my bud in my lungs. You're not going to get this thread stickied. There's like one of these a week man.

  14. i took most of the guts out of my cd burner. and
    I have a pack of cloves in there with my spoon, and an altoids box wiht my lighters and nugs in it. AI put the bottom back on my cd burner, and put it in my old compy that is next to my other computer
  15. back of my PS2.
  16. [​IMG]

    My stash jar.
  17. couple of places...
    1) back of my PS2, right now ive got about a dime in there and a lighter
    2) inside my printer, which at the moment holds a couple nugs of ganja
    3) my personal favorite, a slot hidden under the sink in my bathroom. even if my parents did come into my bathroom, they could open up the sink and not see a thing, unless they crawled up into it backwards... ive got 1/8 of ganja and whats left of some kb in there, along with some schwag (sp)

  18. I find Burton hilarious. He's acting like he's helping GC oh so much.
  19. In my dank little zip up colored bag of magic gosh


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