The Official "Show me you're Bubbler" Thread

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  1. I just recently purchased my first bubbler and I don't know why I purchased one sooner. I believe they deserve a lot more respect and by that I mean deserve their own topic. So post a picture of you're awesome bubblers!

    Here's mine.

    Frosted Glass.

  2. [​IMG]

    Nothing special my ex gave it to me for free
  3. The big one is mine and my brothers we split it for each others birthdays, and the other one i picked up for a friend a month ago.

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  4. I don't know which one I like more! There both wicked. If I had to pick Sovereignty all the way.
  5. *bump* Cmon guys lets see those bubblers!
  6. Here's mine, with a pickup.


  7. i hear the 3 chambered bubblers are absolute BITCHES to clean out otherwise i would have gotten one
  8. Bitch to clean or not. That bubbler is bad ass!
  9. Not at all! The only chamber that really gets dirty is the first one(with bowl). Other than that...ISO with salt, maybe a little soap...rinse well, and it comes out as clean as the day I bought it. :)
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    btw I named my bub tony after tony danza from who's the boss.
  11. dude sweet frosted bubbler, how much did that run ya, im thinking bout getting a bubbler of my own.
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    this is my hammer. his name is conrad :smoke:


  13. very nice... i wanted to get a sherlock but i ended up getting this little sidecar one instead... crappy quality so i cant show you the swirls inside the glass


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  14. I FUCKING LOVE BUBBLERS! and i plan on buying one right after i am done going to this bullshit drug counseling my parents make me go to.

    ill be sure to post pics to
  15. 5 year old bubbler:
    old pics=

    i'll take a new one later.. blazed now.

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