The OFFICIAL Show Me Your Milk Thread

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  1. Alright everyone! I want to see some of the biggest bong rips known to this universe and some of the most beautiful glass!!! I'll start it off with some of this purple, then some nice milk shots :D.
    View attachment 133791
    View attachment 133790
    Kush Scientific Type 4 Gridded Puckline
    Defi Glass Circ by Chris Riley (best glass ever)
    Some company called "Maverick"

  2. I'll be getting a new piece tomorrow as well to milk up for y'all! :)
  3. Hell yeah some good music my friend!! And some nice MILK!!! can't wait to get some good dab on my new piece ;)
  4. dude there already a "milkshot" thread use the search button and just post in there no need for another one on this deadass site lol
  5. Dude, I searched. No threads dedicated solely to milk shot videos... and how about participate in it instead of keeping it dead... Shit. I spent a couple hours making these vids, got really high doing so, and got to play with my new camera. Join in on the fun man. This is the new official milk shot thread. I'd like to see some people post the pieces they love to hit and get some ideas for what they want(or don't want) in the future! Plus I want everyone to consume as much cannabis as possible. Anyways, peace!
  6. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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