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The official 'shit I have to do today' thread

Discussion in 'General' started by spikeystud88, May 10, 2010.

  1. AP exams = no fun

    Getting high after said AP exams = hella awesome (I'm assuming, unfortunately didn't smoke during my HS days!)
  2. the guy in your sig is mad ugly
  3. lol i sure hope u wouldnt say he was hot!!:D

    yea i kno its temporary i gotta get another one
  4. basically all day study for my criminology final. :(
  5. Take a physics exam. Determine how many watts I'm going to grow with this time.
  6. chill on percocets. gotta love free healthcare :)
  7. I'm going to bed now but tomorrow I must:

    Go to class

    Write paper(s)



    etc...I need a bowl.
  8. Are we counting today as the 11th? If so Peeing is one of the things I have to do today. Be back with more soon!
  9. Gotta make it to the campus bookstore at some point to buy the last book I need for summer classes. It's gonna cost me $350. Fucking outrageous. I'm only taking 3 classes this summer and I've already spent over $700 on books.

    Then I'm just gonna sit back and chill for the rest of the day. Got me some codeine and promethazine from the doctor so I'll take some of that, vape a bit, and let my illness melt away for a few hours :smoke:
  10. bout to go see my PO for the last time :)

    then burn at 3 with some new homies ' one kid is muslim and the other are indians ' should be a good crowd i don't think i've ever done this before

    run about two or three miles... work out a lil bit

    then smoke some more tonight of some dank fire

    andd i think thats it ;)
  11. I'm a landscaper and it's raining all day today so work got called off. I'm gonna sit around drinking beer all day instead.
  12. - download halo reach beta
    -text dealer and get ignored
    - work 5pm - 10pm
  13. Class
    blackhawks vs Canucks (go hawks!)
    smoke inbetween every period
  14. Let's see... I've already been to a seminar class today and now I just have to

    - Finish this essay
    - Play some guitar and put off finishing this essay
    - Actually finish this essay
    - Have dinner
    - May pick up
    - Write some poetry or fiction (unlikely unless I'm inspired)
    - Be kept awake until 4 in the morning by noisy drunk students.
  15. 6:30- wake up
    7:30-4- work
    4-5:15- Drive to Keene
    6:00- watch my boyfriend hit a home run for me in his softball game
    ~8:00 - delicious celebratory dinner with Foop for winning his game
    rest of the night - sex sex sex sleep

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