The official 'shit I have to do today' thread

Discussion in 'General' started by spikeystud88, May 10, 2010.

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    So the title pretty much explains it, what all do you have to do today?

    I have to:

    - Work 2-8 (here now)
    - Head to a friend's house afterwards to play the Halo: Reach beta lol

    Not too bad of a day :D

    What about you guys??
  2. original bro:rolleyes:;)

    ....not to come back to this thread

    damn, people love to milk these threads

  3. Lol, you joined last month and you're gonna call my thread 'unoriginal'?

  4. Since i'm posting later in the day i'll post what I have to do tomorrow...

    9am - job interview

    10-5pm - blaze

    6 - dinner

    7 - chillin with a new buddy of mine

  5. damn right i joined last month, on 4/20 to be exact

    I think i jus expected alot more from someone with so many rep bars

    ....and lookin at the thread visitors, i only see me lol

  6. Well ironically someone with 'a lot of rep bars' posted right before looks like other people (even those with 'lots of rep bars' are reading it :D.

    Anyways, let's get back on track man...if you think the thread's lame you dont have to post!
  7. Work...

    Sit and spin in an office chair for 8 hours...usually I would have to do stuff but it's been scary slow...

    Survive traffic on the way home...

    Eat some well deserved food and then relax with the herb until sleepy time...

    Same thing every day for the most part...maybe I should go enroll for summer classes...but then, there's always tomorrow... :rolleyes:
  8. i have to mow the lawn
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    lol, i guess this is eventually gonna hype up this thread, or maybe ur rep bars will

    But the "shit i have to do today".... is bomb this thread

    Im jus joking bro, ill let u read "the shit people have to do"

  10. Tomorrow = epic blazing day for you my friend...I'm jealous!

  11. Just another day for me. Nothing epic about it for me.
  12. I gotta mow the fucking lawn.


  13. Ask SourDieselChick for some tips, I've heard she's a pro lawn mower ;)
  14. Write an essay for english
    eat and shower
    Watch the Lakers shit on the Jazz
  15. yeah I saw that, but I think I got this :p
  16. I need to pick up@!@@@!1
  17. Some training thing for the first aid squad.
  18. type a paper - not gonna happen
    finish my art project - not gonna happen
    ride my longboard - done
    smoke weed - done
    smoke more weed - still gotta get around to that...
    chillax - in progress

  19. Lol, that's my kinda schedule...
  20. Tomorrow I have to take an AP Environmental Sciences exam in the morning, then an AP Psychology exam after lunch. Then I'll be getting higher than ever before just so that I can chill

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