***The Official Sandwich Appreciation Thread***

Discussion in 'General' started by barfdog17, May 31, 2009.

  1. I'm faded and I wanted to make a thread so we can all appreciate the awesomeness that is a quality sandwich when you're high. :smoking: :D

    Post away blades. Pictures and recipes encouraged!

    Quizno's Steakhouse Beef Dip:

  2. [​IMG]

    I want! With extra tomato sauce and mayo.:yummy:

    EDIT: BTW, thats a ham sanga'.
  3. Thanks now I gotta go make a sandwich
  4. anything from jimmy johns

  5. bump for justice!
  6. i just ate an italian shorti from wawa. little bit oil, little vinegar, mayo, lettuce, salt pepper oregano.

    hoagiefest ftw. cant beat 2.99 for a good ass shorti.
  7. Damn this thread is actually making me hungry and I am sober as can be.
  8. i work at a quiznos. what now.
  9. Well don't just stand there man, go get me some toasty subs!:)
  10. Fuck, I want to make a sandwich.. but I don't have any of the fixings. :(

    I could go for a Subway footlong right about now. :smoking:
  11. Shit the only thing open right now is dennys
  12. FML no where open all i have is frosted O's hmmmm
  13. Hungry as hell. No food here at home. Like nothing is open at this time. Oh how difficult the life of a stoner is. :(
  14. Well I have food here

    but I have been eating out too much lately

    but those sandwiches all look so fucking bomb
  15. Can you throw me a bagel or something through your computer screen?
  16. hey no prob here it comes

    you want cream cheese?
  17. Yes please! :hello:
  18. here ya go


  19. Awesome! Thank you, kind sir!:D
    nom nom nom

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