The Official Religion Of The United States Of America!

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  1. There is no such thing as the separation of church and state.

    That is a trick to intimidate people of faith. The founders feared a Church of the United States, not a manger scene outside the courthouse or red and green cookies in school. In using this canard as a tool to drive all God centered religion out of public life, the secular humanist actually establishes an official state religion. That religion is Atheism!

    Those who support a liberal Socialist society want God out of everything in our public life. There is a real utilitarian reason for this. God is a major speed bump on their super highway to their super state. Why? Because our founding documents set forth that our rights as humans pre-date the government of men, those rights cannot be abridged (at least easily). They come from God and are inalienable, thats why In our Republic, God is a necessary legal concept. Drive God out of the mix and rights will flow from government. Once that happens government will alter and abridge those rights because they can. Whether God exists or not he or the concept of a higher authority is necessary for the maintenance of freedom.
  2. Where did you come up with this claptrap?

    We can stop believing in Santa Claus, and still get presents for Solstice, if we want to.
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    Haha, nonsense. Christianity is still surging with power over the nation. Anything remotely stepping outside of that is condemned. Perfect example, I flew to Chicago in the midst of a Christmas time situation. A rabbi requested that the Star of David be displayed in the airport along with the Christmas trees. Instead of compromising with a completely reasonable request such as this, the state scrapped the Christmas decorations altogether. I've been discriminated against because of my Muslim roots in the past, and even more so for being an Atheist/Agnostic. Atheism the official religion? I think not. Up until this point it's pretty much been Christ or GTFO.
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    Funny then Stoned Budda, that where ever theocracy rules (or ruled), a trail of blood and cruelty follows. Where religion rules, so do tyrannical despotic totalitarianism. Without exception.

    Freedom, as it were, is a product of the secular oriented state. Not a theocratic oriented one.

    The freedoms we entertain in western culture did not come about by religious pressure. Far from it, they came about in spite of religious pressure, indeed, in opposition to letting religion be a ruling principle.

    Religion is not and have never been a catalyst for granting freedoms to anyone.
  5. i dont believe in religion
  6. Quite the opposite, actually. God has historically been used to justify the stupidest excesses of government. Remember the divine right of kings from history class? That idea lasted a fuck of a lot longer than we've had any notion of God-given rights.

    Why don't you read Animal Farm, or even better, The Prince by Machiavelli? They both talk about how religion is used as a cheap trick by politicians to win easy favor among the people.

  7. It isn't a trick to intimidate people of faith, but rather an ideology that allows people of all faiths to worship (or not worship) and live their lives freely without discrimination or persecution. Now, I think you and I can agree that manger scenes and Christmas cookies are non-issues. The debate on church vs. state goes a lot deeper than that. What about abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, and other relevant issues that actually have an effect on people's lives? You cannot say that the creation of laws against these rights is completely independent of religious influence.

    This is one area where modern conservatives are completely backwards. They claim to be for liberty and personal freedom. They say that the government should be smaller and not have control over people's lives. I've heard you say it countless times - we shouldn't have all these unnecessary excessive programs, right? Yet strangely, "conservatives" are the ones who are so strongly advocating such social restrictions based on religion. It's the biggest social program the U.S. has ever had, but it gets disguised under the much friendlier term "morality". What they're missing is that you can still have your own set of moral beliefs (based on religion or not), while allowing others to have theirs. You're against gay marriage? Then don't marry a gay person. You're against abortion? Then don't have one. You're against stem-cell research, then don't complain when you break your spine. These are opinions that should be kept privately and not imposed on others. They are decisions that should be left up to individuals, not the government.
  8. What they said.

    While the idea of separation of church and state is not directly found in the constitution, Thomas Jefferson said the first amendment did create a wall of separation between the two. It was clearly the framer's intent to separate the two.
  9. Blessed Are the Intolerant, For they shall get our signatures banned.

    This OP is a real piece of work, I've never seen so many contradictions in one paragraph before.

    Atheism is not a religion, it is an antidote to indoctrination, a lack of brainwashing, a call to think for one's self, and...

    Oh, THATS what you don't like, its the thinking for yourself that just makes your head hurt!

    Tell your priest, and maybe he'll put something in your mouth to make you feel better.

    Crackerjacks, anyone?
  10. HaHaHa, "piece of work" you're funny. :rolleyes: I thought this would irritate you all, while atheism is technically not a religion in the traditional sense of the word, i was just using it as a metaphor.

    You may not agree with the theory, but where exactly are all these contradictions?

    I like thinking for myself, I just don't want the government to think for me. You see, I believe its the rights endowed upon me by my maker that gives me the freedom to think for myself.

    Just because i choose to believe in a higher power, does not mean that i let some wanna be Christ figure, false profit church leader think for me, i read the book and i make my own determinations.

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"
    The Declaration of Independence

    I didn't write it, but i agree with it.
  11. But it certainly has aided people in times of freedom abuse. Like budda said, God is fine when it is merely a concept. Anyone is free to relate to it however he/she wishes.
  12. I am tired of defending religion of grasscity, I could go all day trying to tell people why I believe in God, but some people just don't want to believe that there is somebody that is tending the light at the end of the tunnel. Without religion these aethiest along with the rest of man kind would still be acting like monkeys. When people in the congo stop guaging the eyes of UN workers and eating them infront of them while they are still alive, I will stop praying to my God...
  13. Yeah, I see plenty of monkey behaviour from christians daily. How you don't/won't is beyond me, except that you are clouded/shrouded so heavily in your religious delusion that you don't see them.
    Your christians commit heinous crimes against humanity daily, every time they try to justify killing each other, and their so-called enemies, in the name of god and/or country.

    There are too many religions in the U.S. to allow for an official religion.

    You can pray to your god all you like, just don't ever ask me to do the same, because I shan't. I will never be apart of any religion, ever. I am an upstanding person in my community, am educated, have a high level of intellect, and do my best to harm none. By your admission, I should be traipsing about in a jungle behaving like a monkey. As if there's something wrong with that. But, no, I am a well behaved human who doesn't believe in any god.

    Try looking up these terms: Existentialist, Freethinker.
    Tell me how monkey these people are.

    Pray all you want, but keep religion off our government!
  14. Those people would kill each other regardless of religion, they just do it because they say "God" told them to.
  15. Second time you've floated this example by us. What I read from it is that it is essentially a bigoted view. Not something provided with sources, but something presented to sustain a very warped sense of reality. That people in the Congo, who might just by some freak accident happen to be black, torture people, and then eat them. And that stopping this alleged practice, would get Life in Limbo to stop believing in god? Do that mean that he wishes this practice to continue (if indeed it happens in the first place, very unlikely) so that he can continue to believe in god?

    I'm confused here? What kind of paranoid delusion is this?
  16. What did he say about "black"?
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    The point of the theory has nothing really to do with Christianity, it has to do with the concept of a god, a higher power, how you relate to that concept is entirely up to the individual.

    How come as soon as someone mentions god or the concept of a higher power, people immediately either start to defend Christianity or try and derail it.

    There seems to be a fear towards openly discussing the subject.
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    Oh, I'm sorry, I must have forgotten the significant population of Congo that is white. Or asian.

    Really now, try not to score cheap points you really know are stupid, but hope no-one will catch on to. It makes you look really bad. Especially when so obvious as in this example.

    No, the problem is more that when one get down to a discussion, the opposition chickens out somehow. Usually by some special pleading or other.

    I'm entirely open for a religious discussion anytime. Launch those dogmas at me, and I'll discuss it happily. Making believers look bad in the process. All I use is facts, sincerety and a bit of mockery. It serves to enlighten, entertain and when done right, infuriate. That is, making someone post before they think. With a bit of luck, that teaches to think first and then post. By example if nothing else. Better yet, think first, look over the argument and sources, then change mind. Which do happen. Myself included, after independent verification and a lot of internal back and forth.

    But that is seldom done in one thread. Or a week or a month of discussion. That is something that requires independent thinking. Something that scares the shit out of religious leaders and followers. For good reason.

    I've never asked anyone to think or believe as I do. Just to think for themselves. Based on our best information, not our most political or religious correct construct.

    Tell me with a straight face that is wrong!?
  19. lol Are you kidding me? He implied nothing about their "blackness" having anything to do with these actions he's bothered by. You brought race/color up like it was a major issue.
  20. so your going to call me delusional now, the people in the congo were cannibals which science does not define as wrong. In many creatures of the earth, cannibalism is just another thing that animals do. Maby it's not that wrong to eat people, I think I am going to sign up to the church of scientology now, does Tom Cruise take applicants?

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