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  1. High Folks :wave:
    Three nines five contacted me with very nice request.
    This thread will replace the one we had some time ago that he reminded me of.
    Please post a random fact and lets keep the positive vibes going in the thread.
    a reply here and there is fine but lets not get into pages of conversation.
    Thanks in advance for staying cool in here...

  2. Butterflies eat with their feet
  3. I just smoked.
  4. You can get high if you smoke pubic hair and oily orange ear wax.
  5. There is currently a man working on recreating the human brain from scratch. They say he'll be able to do it in a decade.
  6. Yeah, thanks Yoda! I appreciate it! Will the " random fact about you" one ever come back? Or was that the one you directed me towards? Thanks again bro!
  7. Imma take a chance and say the latest RF is that this thread is back :)
    It always made everyone happy to post in it!
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    The tallest known mountain in the solar system is on one of the smallest planets: Mars' Olympus Mons, which stands an incredible 15 miles tall.
    Just for comparison, Everest is 5 miles tall.
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    The weight of all the ants alive in the world is greater than the weight of all humans.

    Some ant species makes slaves out of other species of ants.
  10. In China, the majority of gold jewelry is pure 24k, unlike here in the USA, where the avg is 14k. The average US citizen Pays the same price per gram for 14k Gold as Chinese people pay for 24k Gold in a retail setting.
  11. Speeding has never killed anyone, suddenly coming to a stop has.
  12. Kangaroos can't hop backwards
  13. Don't waste your money getting two chicken tacos for five bucks, get that third chicken taco for twenty five cents more!
  14. Chevy is better than Ford :hello:
  15. That's high as phuck.
  16. The new spicy chicken crisp at Burger King is so good.
  17. A sloths' matabolism is so slow even with a full stomach they can starve to death.

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    According to one of the space shows on netflix, the largest single object we currently know of is a super cluster of galaxies thats supposed to be 1/20 the size of the known universe and has 79 quasars throughout the super cluster
  19. It was Jerry, not Jesus (despite popular belief) that was the racecar driver


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