the OFFICIAL psychedelic appreciation thread

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    Well about 1 hr ago i dropped three tabs of some LSD gel tabs. I just wanna to give a shout out to all psychedelic drugs and was wondering if anyone else felt the same way? Also my recent 90mgs of adderall made me realize how much i love tripping face.
  2. adderal isnt psychadelic.
  3. nice,psychedelics are truly the magical side of the psychoactive drugs.

    i could say so much about them right now but I'm feeling kinda of lazy,but fuck,acid is just great,and you cant forget DMT.
  4. Indeed psychedelics are incredible, the only thing besides herb I even bother doing. Can't wait for the upcoming weekend to take my next journey with the fungus.
  5. I've only taken mushrooms, but they are unlike ANYthing in this world. Truly mind-bending.
  6. Love that shit! I've had boomers, Lucy, and DMT. When I finally get my sheets I'm planning on eating a 10-strip of fluff with one of my best friends-- some real introspective shit!
  7. hell ya. In the near furture I plan on getting the ingrediants to make ayahuasca
  8. what does adderall have to do with tripping? just curious, because amps and psychedelics are so completely different.
    but yes, acid and shrooms are two of my favorite pastimes. too bad they don't come around here very often. although once my pressure cooker comes in, i'll be experimenting with growing shrooms, and if they come out as good as some of the smoke i've grown then i'm in for a treat!
  9. I, for one, DO appreciate psychedelics and when I am enjoying them I am certainly not on an internet forum! :p

    I'm sort of kidding... do what you want, I've just never been able to connect with that mentality... when I'm tripping face I'm generally not in the mood for prowling the internet... at all, haha. There are many better playgrounds for psychedelics than the fiber optics network, IMHO! :eek:
  10. word! i can hardly talk and make any sense, so typing must really be difficult while tripping.
  11. Psychedelics of all kinds float my flamingo, but shrooms do it for my specifically you know what I mean?
  12. lucy just gave me a good time

  13. im pretty sure he means that 90 mgs of adderall made him realize how much better psychedelics are. 90mg is a high dose and u would probably feel like shit you know?
  14. yes i do
  15. Lucy is my favorite overall, all of my trips have been amazing. Shrooms are a very powerful substance that I respect a lot and they give me real intense trips, havent had an eigth in quite some time. Dmt is beyong words, and weed is the icing on the cake and can also be quite a trip at times. :)
  16. i havent done acid in almost 2 years, i prefer shrooms. i love the body high. i usually only dose a half 8th to 2gs cuz i have anxiety issues and dont wanna lose it. i always feel pretty damn refreshed after a nice shroom trip. acid is cool but shrooms is where its at.

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